10 Easy Saving Tips To Save Money In A Foreign Country

Savings and students never go hand in hand that is why it becomes hard for a student to save. It is not impossible to save money in a foreign country as a student, but tough though. 

In this article, we will try to give you handy tips that will save your time and bank balance. These are all tried and tested tips so be rest assured they will work wonders.

Second-hand books

You can save some extra amount by buying books from a local Book Store or borrowing them from your senior. Textbooks are expensive when bought new. 

Also, not every book mentioned in the course is important; you can ask your concerned teacher or professor to guide you on the same.

 You can always refer to the libraries for any additional book you think would be required for your preparation. Nowadays many books are also available online.

You can try printing them instead of buying if that saves cost.

This trick will surely save money in a foreign country.

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Travel cards

As a student, you require a lot to travel because of your projects, seminar, and practical visits.

You must invest in the best travel card in the country that offers you subsidized rates for travelling in the Subway system, trains, and buses. 

Some travel cards cover flights as well allowing students to save money in a foreign country.

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Stay close to the University

It may sound a little fishy because accommodations near universities are a little expensive but if you find the right accommodation, you can take it if you want to save money in a foreign country.

This way you will save on your travel cost and time. 

An accommodation that is within the walking distance from University should be your priority.

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Opt for student houses

Student houses or dormitories are cheaper than flats and are mostly situated near the University campus.

You can also opt for living in the flat if you have found roommates that will share the cost.

Accommodation cost makes a major portion of the tuition fees. If you save on accommodation, you will save a lot.

Choose smart food

Food is another major cost that adds up to the cost of living in a particular destination. Look for discounted products, shop from supermarkets, and try local manufactured instead of International manufacture.

Cooking is also a great option for students who are planning to study abroad.  A good homemade sandwich is any day better than the one available at a coffee shop, twice the rate. This is a delicious and hygienic way to save money in a foreign country

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Look out for sales

It would be very smart if you buy a sweater that is $20, from a summer sale at $6.

Most sales are announced during Christmas and the New Year times. Many online portals organize sales throughout the year. Choose what is best for you, make a cart and buy when the product is available at the most decreased price.

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Remember not to stack, buy things that you think are important. Buying unnecessary things during the sale period will make you lose your hard saved money.

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Internet calls

Living away from your parents, partner and loved ones can be hard

Try to make most of the internet as you are already paying for the cost. If you want to connect to your parents in another country make video calls via the Internet or services from apps like Skype, WhatsApp, or Google duo.

Internet calls are a cheaper and convenient way to connect free thus a great way to save money in a foreign country.

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Try Apex fare

If you are sure about your travel dates, make sure to book the flight 90 days in advance this gives you the same ticket at a cheaper cost.

There are apex fares that start from 30 to 90 days that offer heavy discount on the ticket price of airlines

Ask for a student’s discount

Many restaurants, tourist places and eating joints offer a discount on students in their services.  Various discount cards give you points on your purchase that can be redeemed later for cash, services or products.

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Save every day

When you save some amount at the end of every month, you will realize that you have saved huge at the end of the year.

A little saving every month will give you undisputed joy.

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