7 Reasons that make Aberdeen a perfect place to study

Aberdeen A Perfect Place To Study

Aberdeen A Perfect Place To Study

200 countries worldwide are welcoming International Students for their study plans, it is a tough choice for students to shortlist ONE place out of 200 countries.

The selection done by students is based on various criteria such as Best location to study, best student accommodation’s availability, the standard of living, cost of studying, facilities available, courses, amenities, fees, duration, post-study work permit, and much more

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The demographic situation of every student is different, henceforth the choices vary. Every student & parent wants the best in their budget, have you ever heard of someone who has willingly chosen to agree with something that isn’t BEST?

In this tussle to get the best for students, out of 200 places across the globe, a place that is constantly appearing in TOP 5 places preferred by International Students in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is a place that hardly a student won’t consider while planning to study abroad. Isn’t it?

From the student’s perspective, Aberdeen is a place with a balanced approach!

Aberdeen offers the best courses, the best lifestyle, and student accommodation in Aberdeen is also worthy.

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Why Aberdeen has made a place in Top 10 locations preferred by Students?

Students life has everything summed up differently, viewpoints are different, lifestyle is different, only a potential land can cope up with the demands of Student’s Life.

Here we have listed 10 qualifying reasons that are considered for selecting Aberdeen, which makes it the best location to study.

An Education Leader & Pioneer: 

A lot of students are aware of the fact that the University of Aberdeen is the best. But do they know the reason?

Here’s why it is considered to be the best because since 1495 these university has been a base of imparting education among students; moreover it is 5th oldest university.

The rarely known fact is 5 alumni of this university are been awarded a Nobel prize! Isn’t that amazing?

A 500 years old University has a lot to bless students with!

How can you miss out on the charm of the ‘Silver City’?

Aberdeenis also considered as the Silver City, because of its eternal beauty!

Aberdeen has a completely lively atmosphere, one can just escape from a hectic life to a beautiful break, can be part of roadshows, enjoy the theater and dramas, wander at museums, or check out malls. Besides these all fun-loving things, National Parks and Castles will be waiting for you!

After reading this you will surely feel it is called the Silver City for a reason. These all elements will keep a student’s life happening and won’t give them chance to feel homesick.

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Its a hub of Quality Education, opening doors for All Streams

Generally, the selection of place is done based on Streams selected by the students, it is very difficult to find a place that welcomes students from all the fields.

Places have different infrastructure that can support some fields for student’s education but can not cover every field. Aberdeen is an exception!

Have a look at the ranking to courses & fields as listed by the UK

Field of Study Ranking Source
Accounting and Finance10thComplete University Guide 2020
Anthropology4thGuardian University Guide 2020
Civil Engineering7thTimes and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020
Computer Science24thGuardian University Guide 2020
Electrical and Electronic Engineering19thComplete University Guide 2020
Law7thTimes and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020
Physics and Astronomy14thGuardian University Guide 2020
Sociology7thGuardian University Guide 2020

Henceforth Students from all the fields can consider Aberdeen as the Best location to study. Whether you are representing the Commerce field, Arts or you have a Science background, Aberdeen is perfect for you!

Post Study Scenario is also growth concerning

Aberdeen is an emerging place, emerging with prosperity and development, many companies consider it as a Potential Place & that’s why they are expanding their company at Aberdeen.

It is gradually becoming hub of industries and companies, more the companies are locating here, the more will be the employment opportunities.

Students can plan their post-study plans at Aberdeen without worrying much about the placement and income.

A space for Sports Lovers

‘No play, the only study makes jack a dull boy’ Arent we aware of this?
Focusing on Sports is equally important, students are also keen on making their careers in Sports. To support this ideology of students, The Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) is formed, it’s one of the leading sports facilities in the North East of Scotland, with facilities for athletics, football, swimming, hockey, squash, martial arts, and boxing. 50 golf courses nearby and opportunities for both skiing and watersports, there’s an activity to suit everyone, no matter what you’re interested in

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No trouble in accommodating

More than students, parents are worried about their child’s accommodation. They are not ready to send their kids abroad because they are not sure about the accommodation and lodging facilities are easily available or not. Aberdeen offers one of the best accommodation for International Students.  Students accommodation in Aberdeen is considered to be one of the best.

Students live at its Best

The student’s life at Aberdeen is best. The facilities provided here in the context of accommodation is truly the best. The Best Student accommodation in Aberdeen is perfect in all terms. Moreover, the lifestyle is also good, city area serves with everything required by the students. In nutshell, Aberdeen is the Best location to Study.


Finding a place that makes students’ life easy and affordable is tough as it is a rarely available combination of attributes. The best location to study is a place that covers both these factors, therefore students need to select places accordingly.

Aberdeen is a place that fits perfectly for students who are looking for a progressive and pocket-friendly location to shape their future.

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