10 Affordable Places To Study Abroad In The World For Students

Affordable Places To Study Abroad In The World For Students

Affordable Places To Study Abroad In The World For Students

Going abroad for studies is not an easy decision to make, there are multiple factors to consider. One of the essential factors to consider is the price of student accommodation. If you have just started studying abroad with no experience, then there are many such expenses that you may not have imagined.
From accommodations to tuition fees, from transportation costs to leisure activities, there are many expenditures to consider. Thus, finding the best affordable places to study abroad can prove to ease the stress on your budget. Though it can be a difficult quest, here we are with places that can be affordable and best for you while you focus on studying abroad.

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1. France

France is one of the most affordable places for students. If you love some sweet pastries and sight of Eiffel tower from your study room, then you are in for a feast. The city that has one of the eight wonders of the world should be costly, yet, Paris offers affordable accommodations for students while they focus on their study abroad.
Paris offers the same opportunity to every student. Whether you are a French or an international student, the tuition fee is the same for all. The fee can range from €180 to €390. Apart from the studies, accommodation costs are also quite cheaper.

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is expected to receive the largest intake from students who want to study abroad in 2021. London, in the UK, is considered to be the best city for international students. London is extremely costly, yet it is adjudged the best city for studying abroad.

So, the question remains is – why? London has some of the best universities across the globe. From King’s College of London to the Imperial College and even the famous UCL, students get greater options in London.
Apart from the studies in London, the affordability of accommodations for international students is something of a charm. It has all types of student accommodations. Some of the factors that help London with the most intake of international students are:

  • There are several types of student accommodations like university halls, private rooms, on-campus lodging, purpose-built student accommodations(PBSA), and others.
  • London offers courses for students with different interests like arts, music, history, and many others.
  • The commute is easy with the best underground tube network

London is also home to some of the cheapest universities for international students.

3. Poland

Poland is one of the most popular countries in Europe. It has cultural and social spaces for you to enjoy your leisure activities past from the study time. Polish universities now offer many courses in the English language for international students.

A student might need to spend $2000 – $3000 per year in Poland with accommodation costs ranging anywhere between $600 to $650.

4. Hungary

If you are considering options in Europe for studying abroad, then Hungary should be on the list. As far as expenses are concerned, it is right at the top for intakes of 2021 who want to study abroad.

The average tuition fee is around $4100-$5000 per year. It has five universities enlisted among the top 10 of the world. Even the costs of student accommodations can go as low as $400 per month.

5. South Africa

The next great option after European streets for studying abroad can be African safari. South Africa has beautiful natural scenery. It is also one of the most developed nations on the African continent. It has several universities that offer courses in English.

The country offers some of the most affordable student accommodations. You can search these properties by yourself, or you can even use the services of the best student accommodation providers, like Ocxee. The average per year cost is lower than in European nations. It is around $2000 per annum.

6. Taiwan

From the forests of Africa, let’s move to the Asian seas. Taiwan is extremely affordable at an average cost of $1950 per year. It is one of the most developed islands near the southeast China sea. Taiwan is now officially under the republic of China’s rule.

But, it is known for top international universities for students to take up all kinds of courses. Taiwan is quite cost-effective. If you consider a monthly cost of around $350 per month, it offers one of the most affordable student accommodation for you to fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

7. Thailand

Thailand is slightly costlier than Taiwan with an average cost of $3500. But, it offers some of the most affordable accommodations for students who wish to study abroad. The country is known for its tourism, and it adds to the charm of this country while enhancing your experience. A great number of intakes can be expected in 2021 from students who want to study abroad.

8. Vietnam

If you are considering Asian countries for the cheapest universities for international students, then Vietnam can beat London! Not literally, but, the Asian country is home to some major universities and offers affordable courses. The average tuition fee is around $1000. It provides affordable accommodation for international students at around $300 per month with study rooms.

9. Russia

Russia is the crown of Asia. It has some of the most popular universities around the world. But, as far as affordability is concerned, it is a mixed bag. The outskirts regions like Serbia are quite cheap. But cities like Moscow and St.Petersberg are very expensive. Here, the cost can go up to $6000 per month. Even the costs for accommodations stand at $650 per month.

10. Argentina

Let’s complete our crusade with the South American bliss. Argentina is set to see a rise in the intakes for 2021 of students who dream to study abroad. It is a gorgeous country. It has all the beauty and brain to it for international students to be attracted by. It offers affordable accommodations for students who want to study at $400 per month.


We have almost covered the entire world in our quest for finding the best affordable places to study abroad. We found many options for you. There are several countries with the average cost ranging from $1000-$6000.
So, you can choose the most suitable country as per your budget. As we already discussed that your tuition fee and cost of living are not the only things to consider. Choose your destination wisely and dive into the ocean of knowledge!

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