How to get affordable student accommodation in Aberdeen?

Affordable student accommodation in Aberdeen

Affordable student accommodation in Aberdeen

It is a glad note that Students nowadays are taking the Education very seriously, they are making almost every possible effort to fetch the best out of their academics to shine and sparkle in the real world.

Many students prefer International Studies, World Wide there’s a spread of Students that fly over varied countries to secure their educational and career dreams as well as goals.

Talking about International Studies, one place that tops the list of students’ priority for International Studies is Aberdeen, Scotland. The UK has numerous cities that take care of students flying there for educational courses.

Aberdeen is a complete worth for money and career place, there are ample of courses, accommodation facilities, extracurricular activities, and of course, the city life is truly admirable.

Students are generally very clear about which university they want to take admission in, but when it comes to the accommodation part students are generally not clear about which accommodation to select? Or how they should finalize their accommodation?

So here we have made the work of students easy and hassle-free, keep in mind this checklist while selecting Student Accommodation in Aberdeen.

1. Location Matters the Most:

There are several properties in Aberdeen that provide top-notch Accommodation in Aberdeen for International Students, to cut short or filter the accommodation, or to narrow the list the of best accommodation out of 100’s of options available, check the following points:

  • Is the accommodation near the city area?
  • Is the venue for accommodation in Aberdeen near the University?
  • Are the students staying at Aberdeen preferring that accommodation?
  • Is the location of accommodation a prime location?
  • Is the transport facility easily available at that location?
  • Is the Market area easily reachable from that location?

If the location of accommodation in Aberdeen for International Students covers all these points, it will be easy to filter the location of your choice out of many options available.
All the above-mentioned pointers will be of great value because if the accommodation has all these features the routine life of students will be of great ease.

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2. Know the Type of Accommodation:

The type of Accommodation differs for all the properties, students should ensure the type or kind of accommodation before selecting a venue for accommodation. Aberdeen Student Accommodation generally is open to Two kinds of accommodation. There are rarely a few handfuls of accommodations that don’t provide both types of accommodations:

Types Of Accommodations:

En-Suite Rooms:

Students who are willing to share their living space or accommodation area with other flatmates can easily opt for En-Suite rooms. Generally, the sharing area includes the hall space, kitchen area, amenities and activity area, or common room.

Studio Apartments:

Students who are shy to share their living space or are more interested in keeping their privacy intact can without a doubt opt for Studio Apartments. In-studio apartments students are not expected to share their living space with anyone. Hence it is like a solely owned living space or accommodation.
Student accommodation in Aberdeen can be of both types or either of them. Hence the options are kept open for students and choice is theirs, whether they want to select studio or en-suite rooms.

3. Check the list of Amenities:

The living space without any amenities would be dull, isn’t it?

Students’ life is hectic and full of responsibilities, to get a break of a day or more is required. Students who are always excited to spend their weekend entertainingly will always look for amenities and other stuff that shall help them make their weekend and break days special as well as refreshing.

The amenities generally are provided at the venue of Accommodation in Aberdeen for International Students are:

  • Gym Area
  • Sport Area
  • Common Room
  • Foosball Table
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parking Area
  • Courtyard Area with BBQ pieces of equipment
  • Benches and Sofas at the outer area
  • Garden area

The list of amenities shall differ from venue to venue and accommodation provider customizes it as per their budget and property space.
Students can select the property as per the amenities they find useful and worthy. Moreover, students can before-hand check the official amenities list of the venue, so that they list of accommodation in Aberdeen can be shortlisted accordingly.

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4. Reviews and Ratings:

In today’s time, frequent frauds are happening across the World, therefore to ensure the safety and security students should check the entire genuine of the venue they are selecting as Accommodation in Aberdeen.

They can ensure the official website of accommodation or property looks genuine, or they can ensure that the agencies are taking the help of ensuring the credibility of the accommodation.

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5. Process of Accommodation:

Students should get a piece of complete information about the student accommodation in Aberdeen and the process thereof, they should inquire about the documents needed for the accommodation or the date of possession of accommodation.

Sometimes students may land in the UK and though the accommodation is already booked, the possession is unavailable due to some of the other reasons.

To study hassle-free, such vital pieces of information should be known and acted upon.


Selecting a Student Accommodation in Aberdeen is a vital task and involves a series of points to be considered. These points will surely help a student to ensure that they are about to shortlist Perfect Accommodation in Aberdeen for International Students.

Facilities, a good living space, and apt locality are the factors that make a location perfectly considerable for living by students at a strange or new place.

Keep these factors in mind and you are all set to select perfect student accommodation in Aberdeen.

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