How to find Affordable student accommodations in Aberdeen

Affordable student accommodations in Aberdeen

Affordable student accommodations in Aberdeen

Do you love a Scottish haggis? It will be a real shame to miss this one. It is a meat pudding with some mashed potatoes that can give you the ultimate taste. Scotland is known for its countryside appeal and some amazing landscapes. But it is also one of the most preferred alternatives to UK universities for international students. Especially, Aberdeen is very popular among the students for affordable accommodations.
Aberdeen is the best city in Scotland as per the report of “The Good Growth for Cities Index”. The index helps measure the performance of 42 different cities across the United Kingdom. The performance is decided based on health, income, skill, and affordability. It is the reason why students prefer Aberdeen for their study abroad. The city has a rich culture, with markets, restaurants, nightlife, and some international cuisines to offer exquisite food stores.

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So, let’s explore some facets of Aberdeen for a student to choose this Scottish city.

The living costs:

Being a student, costing is the first thing that strikes your neural nodes. Food, accommodation, tuition fee, academic cost, and even leisure activities can have expenditures. Students that come to Scotland for their studies prefer Aberdeen for cheap student accommodations

The reason is simple. There are multiple options at attractive rates. The average rent for student accommodation in Aberdeen ranges in between £300 – £600. The Granite City is famous for the best student accommodations, and you can find them scattered all over Aberdeen with locations close to your university too.

Best Universities:

There are many universities in Aberdeen that attract international students. They have one of the best campuses in the UK and even provide university-owned accommodations. Some of the notable universities are the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University, Marischal college, North East Scotland College, and others. 

Universities in the Aberdeen offer more than 120 types of different undergraduates and masters. International students can find a range of subjects to study. Apart from the academic perspective, universities also have affordable accommodations. Even if you don’t want to stay at the on-campus accommodations, then there are private halls near to these universities. 

The Food:

We started the discussion with haggis from the Scottish tradition, and so we are here with an essential factor for any student- Food! International students prefer to explore new foods, and Aberdeen is the best choice. If you are a foodie then, Aberdeen offers great supermarkets near the city center such as.


Every year there is an international food festival held in the city centre in Aberdeen. From the exotic fruits to the halal foods. So, if you are fond of cooking at your student accommodations, the city centre in Aberdeen has everything you need.

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Safety & Security:

Aberdeen is considered as the most secure city in Scotland for students. According to a report, Aberdeen is placed as the sixth most secure city for students amidst other cities in the UK. As an international student, the safety of your student accommodations is essential. Students need to identify the locality with the best accommodation that is safe.

Here, some student accommodation websites can help you. They can assist you in finding student accommodations in the safest of localities like Spring Gardens in Aberdeen.

The Commute:

Aberdeen is famous for a bus network across the city. Unlike London’s tube network that runs in parallel with the bus service, Aberdeen has dedicated bus service. You can also try vanpooling and carpooling for reaching your campus. It is a great way to meet new friends on the way to your campus.  
A commute is an essential part of your costings as a student, and a public commute network can help you save some money. It is the reason why; Aberdeen is a good option for student accommodations.

The Silver City with the Golden Sands

Aberdeen has most of the buildings made from local granites with sand coastlines on the east, and not to forget the high peaks in the west. East coast is a little hotter, with all the sun, and the sands. The average sunshine hours here can be around 1500 hours per year. So, if you are fond of the beach with some sunbath, Aberdeen has got you covered. 

Students are often explorers. They like to know new places. Aberdeen has these Grampian Mountains and Cairngorms National Park to make you love nature more than ever. But, even if you are more of a metropolitan person, there is that bustling Kingstreet exchange near the city centre. You can find affordable student accommodations in the Kingstreet exchange in Aberdeen

Leisure Activities:

Aberdeen is the pinnacle of metropolitan fun! From His Majesty’s theatre or the Lemon Tree, there are plenty of options for amazing shows. You can even attend concerts from rock bands. Live music is just a part, the city provides great nightlife. The urban day life is backed up by equally exciting nightlife. There are pubs and restaurants for students to enjoy leisure times.

If you are thinking of leisure activities, the causeway view in Aberdeen is a good option for student accommodations. It is a great locality in Aberdeen with easy access to the commute for the University of Aberdeen. You can go for table tennis at the Causeway view or other recreational activities also.


Each year there are many international students who choose the United Kingdom for their studies. London is one of the prime choices for students, but Aberdeen is a good alternative. London is quite costly, and Aberdeen can offer affordable student accommodations. Though if you have the right assistance, you can find the cheap student accommodations in London, and Aberdeen.

But, what makes the Scottish city more attractive is it’s closeness to nature. Aberdeen is not just a metropolitan, but also has amazing coastlines with beautiful mountains. It has all it takes for an international student to explore the academic world!

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