10 things to consider before finalizing Student Accommodation in Melbourne

finalizing Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Things to consider before finalizing Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Melbourne city is also known as the coastal capital of the Australian state Victoria. It is the most upbeat and happening cities in Australia.

It has about 5 million inhabitants, which means roughly 1 in 5 people in Australia live in Melbourne.

 Factually, It’s the second-largest city in Australia after Sydney and the largest city in the state of Victoria.

From museums that take you on a tour to ancient time to cuisines that redefine taste, amazing street arts and really busy alleys….everything has a mention in the city of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne was established in 1853, it is the oldest and the best universities in Australia.

It is ranked number 32 in the world for studying by Times Higher Education rankings for 2020.

If you are planning to study here, Student Accommodation in Melbourne is an easy find with us also with wide varieties of Universities to choose from the residential areas that are closer and everything is approachable from there.

top universities in Melbourne
top universities in Melbourne

What all should you consider before choosing a Student Accommodation in Melbourne.

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Facilities
  • Sharing Options
  • Safety features
  • Neatness
  • Society
  • Experience
  • Cost of Living
  • Travelling Expenses

1. Location:

A student must stay choose a place that is closer to his university.

Finalise your university and then home down to the closest student accommodation in Melbourne.

Accommodation for students in Melbourne by Ocxee team is located in and around the main Universities and Colleges in Melbourne like Caulfield, Clayton, Burwood, Hawthorn and Bundoora 

2. Budget:

Keep your budget options open for discussion.

You should consider paying a fewer amount for fewer amenities and more for more, so be wise in deciding what matters the most for you.

Be sure to home down to a budget-friendly accommodation for students in Melbourne that offers you the best experience of your student life.

3. Facilities:

What you pay for should be exactly what you should be getting. Do not get trapped by people charging you a huge amount on the name of facilities.

 Private kitchen, private bathroom, study nooks, balconies, laundry facilities and shared outdoor areas are some facilities that are offered in a student accommodation in Melbourne.

You can look for local options or decide between what other students in your locality have arranged for themselves.

4. Sharing:

Living in an apartment on a sharing basis can be an intrusion to your privacy sometimes

Having your own space to get your assignments and study done is very important. It that bothers you chose an independent flat or house.

Otherwise, leave it to us, we at Ocxee offer you the best out of the rest options for accommodation for students in Melbourne

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5. Safety:

Safety in a foreign land is the topmost concern of any guardian. Being away from home for the first time can be tough on some students.

Make sure to find a location that is a hub for accommodation for students in Melbourne. Ask or security measures of that area before finalizing.

6. Neatness:

During this pandemic, cleanliness has become a major part of daily routine. Ensure on the following factors that each room is deep cleaned with attention to detail.

Also, the place should have a neat and tidy space for studies.

7. Society:

Melbourne is in the most liveable city in the world. Students here are supportive of each other.

You can read our blog on Australia: NSW Announces $20m Housing Fund For Int’l Students

8. Experience:

What you should consider is an experienced team like Ocxee so that you can utilise our experience in the field of finding the best Student Accommodation in Melbourne.

Student expense in Melbourne
Cost of Living

9. Cost of Living:

The following provides a guide on the average weekly amounts for typical expenses for a student.

LocationProperty typeMedian rent
Metropolitan Melbourne1 Bed Flat$370
Metropolitan Melbourne2 Bed Flat$460
Metropolitan Melbourne3 Bed Flat$495
Metropolitan Melbourne2 Bed House$450
Metropolitan Melbourne3 Bed House$410
Metropolitan Melbourne4 Bed House$450
Regional Victoria1 Bed Flat$200
Regional Victoria2 Bed Flat$270
Regional Victoria3 Bed Flat$350
Regional Victoria2 Bed House$290
Regional Victoria3 Bed House$340
Regional Victoria4 Bed House$410
Cost of Living

Other utilities:

  • Electricity: $ 450 per quarter
  • Water: $ 250 per quarter
  • Gas: $156 per quarter
  • Internet: $110 per quarter 

Eating out

  • $15 for breakfast
  • $18 for lunch
  • $27 per meal at dinner


  • $3 a day for breakfast
  • $6 a day for lunch
  • $9 a day for dinner 

Admin & stationery

  • Note books: $3 – $18
  • Yearly diaries: $8 – $55
  • Stationery accessories: $1 – $15


  • Movies (student night): $8 – $11
  • Fitness: $14 – $35
  • Shows (comedy, plays etc): $55 

10. Travelling Expenses:

Trams, trains and buses are popular means of transport choices in Melbourne that are student-friendly.

Weekly cost: $14.50 – $35.40      Annual cost: $858.25 – $1800

If you still have a double mind, do not worry Team Ocxee accommodation assistance will guide you through the best available options as per your expectations.

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