Top 10 places for shopping in London for student

best places for shopping in London for student

Resisting yourself from shopping in London is almost next to impossible! 

Get an enormous portion of retail treatment by visiting the best shopping regions in London, where you’ll find roads overflowing with autonomous boutiques, trendy fashion, and arising brands.

Numerous London shops have started re functioning after lockdown with a lot of measures set up, so with all the precautions, you can visit London’s top shopping regions for some exceptional outfits and trendy stuff to buy.

 Simply try to follow social distancing rules when all over town and check opening occasions before visiting.

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Everyone loves Shopping. London is one such location that can cover up all your requirements by providing a wide range of products. 

In London, ample things are waiting for you to pick them. Therefore there are major chances that you might have gone to buy some different stuff and get mesmerized by the market you pick up different stuff. 

So the best way to do shopping in London is to make a list of things you want to buy. Once the list is ready, select the shop or venue accordingly. 

It will not only save your time but also will stop you from buying the unnecessary and wrong stuff. 

So, let’s check out the places that are best for shopping in London:

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Here’s a small brief about which place is best and renowned for which stuff:

  • Oxford Street: For Designer Wear
  • Bond Street: Popular Even Amongst Celebs
  • Regent Street And Jermyn Street: Housing City’s Oldest Stores
  • Knightsbridge: The Trendiest Fashion
  • Notting Hill: For Boho Chics
  • The King’s Road: For Antiques & Chic Dresses
  • Covent Garden Market: For Unique Souvenirs
  • Carnaby Street: Where The Fashion Revolution Began
  • London Markets: Both Food And Shopping
  • Savile Row: For Old Fashioned Style
  • Selfridges: A Shopper’s Paradise
  • Harrods: For Fancy Stores
  • Sloane Street: An All In One Street
  • St. Jame’s: For High-End Fashion
  • Mayfair: For Exclusive Shopping

We are taking you on an in-depth tour of the

top 5 locations among the listed ones! 

At these locations, you will find designs and outfits of all different kinds and patterns. Each will be highly impressive, check out the places and give a makeover to yourself and also a treat to your wardrobe!

Oxford Street: For Designer Wear

Situated in the core of the city, the celebrated Oxford Street is home to more than 300 shops, which offer the most stunning London shopping experience that implies 

Oxford Street shopping is among the best activities in London on your outing. 

From fashioner wear to deal design, you can discover anything here and we vouch it’ll merit a dime.

Location: Oxford Street, London W1W 8LG, England

Regent Street And Jermyn Street: Housing City’s Oldest Stores

With places like Regent Street and Jermyn Street that offer an incredible assortment of not costly style alongside the city’s most established stores, where to shop in London will never be your top concern.

In case you’re searching for regular British design, head here with no doubt and glitz up your London Fashion Week look while you indulge in modest shopping in London.

Location: London W1, London, England

Notting Hill: For Boho Chics

Well known all over the world, particularly given the film of a similar name, this spot is a definitive London mall or center point for a wide range of Shopaholics and on the off chance that you were pondering where to shop in London, at that point Notting Hill is the appropriate response. 

From little and remarkable shops that have vintage in-store to top of the line planner boutiques that have a blend of boho and stylish available, you will discover everything here for modest shopping in London.

Location: London W2, England

Covent Garden Market: For Unique Souvenirs

It is among the best places to shop in London. From dress designers to the extraordinary fashion collection, this spot is a heaven for having a genuine London shopping experience.

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Handcrafted adornments, road style, expressions and artworks, shoes, and beautifying agents are a portion of the things you can shop and load up in your sacks from here.

Location: Covent Garden Market Building, 130 King St, London, England

Savile Row: For Old Fashioned Style

In case you’re among those men who love customized i.e. tailor-made outfits rather than instant i.e. ready-made outfits, London has the best markets for you that will not fail to amaze you.

Outstanding amongst other shopping places in London, the well-known Savile Row won’t just let you have your uncommonly created outfit, also you can find all types of vintage outfits and designs alive here. You will feel you are reliving the retro era more fashionably!

Everything here will be available in a tailor-made version, therefore it is easy to expect a perfect fitting in clothes at this spot. 

Otherwise, at other spots, you can not expect perfect fittings or places that deal only with tailor made outfits.

Location: Savile Row, Mayfair, London, UK

Summing Up:

Living in London will surely make a fashionista! In London, the outfits are the highly bought stuff and every fashion available here are one in kind, elegance will be guaranteed. 

The best thing for International students is to save a good sum of money, and plan a visit to each location at different weekends to understand the type of fashion London is offering to the World. 

So, visit these market places and buy the outfits that suit you the best!

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