Best things to do in UK in winter

Best things to do in UK in winter

Things to do in UK in winter

Winter in the UK! 

Sounds icy and breezy, isn’t it? 

Winters in the UK are highly enjoyable and of course cold, there are several activities in UK that can help you to plan your winter easily, also for International Students this is a golden chance, because students get a Winter Break and Vacation to enjoy the snow, make arrangements to keep themselves warm and do the things they general miss out due to studies. 

So, why not plan a short activity based Winter Vacation in the UK

If you are new at the place, you will surely find yourself lost because you might not be aware of the activities that are generally taking place in the UK during the winter time! Also even if you are having a rough idea, you might not know exactly as to what to do? 

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Don’t feel lost, we are here to plan your winter in the smoothest way! 

We have shortlisted a few of the places and activities to keep you busy in winter days, also these activities are worth having an experience, as such activities don’t happen in our day to day lives and also you might not get a chance to explore all such activities at other places rather than the UK.

>>> Here are the best activities and place to enjoy the Winter:

Icy Waves are waiting for you!

The English coastlines are famous for being perfect for surfing. The fun of surfing on english coastlines is way more different rather than doing it on any other coastline.

It is perfect for catching waves, even in winter. The experienced surfers will enjoy being at the coastline and treating themselves with a day full of surfing, well don’t worry even if you are not experienced, there is no harm in giving it a try, of course under experts supervision. But if it’s a new thing for you to do then you should surely give it a try and plan to explore this activity in winter. 

Don’t expect warm water in winter, you should try surfing as soon as winter begins because once the snow falls, the water will start freezing and might miss out on the chance of surfing and enjoying the waves. Give it a try with your friends and it will be fun!

Ice rings are also enjoyable

Do you know skating?

If yes,

Then this activity will give you an entirely different experience, you are going to love skating even more!

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We are talking about ice skating, don’t worry even if you fall it will not hurt that bad. Ice Skating is very common in the UK, as the snow falls will turn out icy and ice flakes will not let you resist yourself, you will be fond of trying ice skating.

There are several spots that you can enjoy ice skating at. Especially across Cambridge and Lincolnshire, that become a skating paradise when temperature drop and big flat areas turn into natural rinks. Locally loved skating areas include flooded meadow ‘Bury Fen’, between the villages of Earith and Bluntisham.

When are you going to try Ice Skating?

Yes, don’t forget to check your pair of skates, as for ice skating you need a special type of skate that is easily available in the UK, that too without spending much. If you try this activity it will be a lifetime experience for you!

Of Course, do tell your friends to click some amazing pictures for your memory box!

Have you ever tried Tree Climbing?

If you want to start your new year at a peak, we mean literal peak, then start climbing! 

Remember the childhood days of treehouses and tree climbing? It’s time to relive them as adults!

You can surely give it a shot, there are spots in the UK wherein adults hang upside down in a 22-metre high tree, of course with all the safety measures intact this activity is done. They are tied with a harness, helmet is mandatory and gloves are provided for better grip and once all the safety precautions are intact only then the climbing shall start.

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Only 20 minutes walk from Isle of Wight’s ferry is Appley Park, it is a perfect spot to explore this activity and you shall not fear or worry as there will be many other people involved in the same activity! In Fact to double the joy you can just invite all your friends and cousins for Tree climbing and compete as to who climbs the winner spot fastest and can enjoy the competition. A person from any age group who doesn’t fear height can participate and experience Tree climbing.

The best part of this activity is as your body is in constant motion at one point of time you will stop feeling cold and this way you can beat winter also!

→ Summing Up:

Life is full of fun, it just takes a right eye to see it! Instead of getting bored the entire winter, try some activities that can give you some best memories. For international students it is more vital to experience all these activities because they might not visit the UK very frequently or on a regular basis, therefore whenever they get a chance to explore such activities, they should never step back and rather grab the chance to enjoy completely!

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