Checklist of the best student accommodation in Europe

best student accommodation in Europe

Accommodation is a key aspect for the entire International Study plan, as it involves maximum cost and also has a major impact on your daily or routine life, just imagine if in hurry or mistakenly you opt for a wrong accommodation then how will you handle the things? 

Student accommodation in Europe is comparatively easy to find, but still in lack of guidance or lack of time students tend to select inappropriate accommodation. A lot of students only rely on student accommodation websites for shortlisting their home, which is again an inappropriate matter of selecting or finalizing the accommodation. 

If the accommodation is too far from the university or city area then travel cost will increase, if it’s too expensive budget will get disturbed, if the accommodation type is wrong, you might feel aloof. Besides, there are various kinds of accommodations, first, you shall shortlist which is the type of accommodation that suits you perfectly . It can be an en-suite room, private room, or a university hall or studio apartment. 

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So selecting accommodation needs a rational decision. 

Follow the checklist and get the best accommodation in Europe.

University’s Hall is Inexpensive:

Majorly first-year students do prefer University Hall, but even other students can prefer university hall. University Hall is the cheapest option for accommodation. It is majorly in University’s premises so you will not be required to incur any travel cost. 

Yes, you may not get complete privacy but it is a good option for those who want to cut down the cost and manage finances. 

Also, you will be surrounded by the students, henceforth you will never feel aloof! Moreover, when you reside in University Premises, you can anytime access various other facilities of the University such as the Canteen, Library, etc.

Away from City Area can be troublesome:

If you find accommodation that is cheap but it is far from the city? What will you do? 

In order to save a one-time investment, you might fall into the trap. Because if the location is far from your university, then traveling cost will increase and you will have to incur it on your routine basis. 

Also if the student housing in Europe is far from the city, you will have to travel and visit the city area for your daily requirements of milk, pieces of bread, breakfast, groceries, and much more. Important things will not be easily available, you will have to travel and then buy things. 

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If you reside away from your friends, even the scope of your socializing will reduce. Out of the city area, it will be difficult to find a job location. Henceforth in nutshell, it is beneficial to find accommodation that is in the city area.

→ Documentation should be Proper:

Sometimes in cases of grievances or disputes, only documentation will be the source of settlement or help. 

If you are paying any amount as a deposit or you need someone to be your guarantor make sure you are opting for the correct sources. If you are paying a deposit, make sure you pay with sufficient evidence. 

When you find a guarantor be careful of getting a proper and reliable guarantor. One important point that a lot of students miss out on is discussing the mode and method of payment in the future. You need to discuss how one will pay by bank or cash? What will be the duration of the payment, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annually? To discuss all these in advance is better than inviting any issues or tussle.

Keeping loopholes in such vital decisions can cause major harm.

Therefore keep in mind to do proper documentation of:

  • Rental Receipts 
  • Deposit Payment
  • Rental Agreement

If possible keep a physical and Digital Copy of all these documents for your future reference. 

→ Make Arrangements from your Home Country:

“I will do the arrangements once I reach there.”


Such ideas dont work in real life, especially when you are talking about your career and international studies. Abroad, things are to be done on a prior basis because the procedure for International Students is lengthy for everything be it accommodation or seeking admission or getting a visa. 

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Things will take a longer time as compared to normal. So it is better and preferable to complete all the procedures, book necessary stuff, and get confirmation of things while you are in your hometown. 

Otherwise, after landing you will require time to complete all these and meanwhile, you will have nowhere to go. Also, the place will be new for you so to manage everything single-handedly will be tough.

→ Check Review as It plays a major role:

Reviews are personal opinions and it shall differ from person to person but if you check a review of a particular accommodation before finalizing it then it will give you a proper idea about the place. Student accommodation providers in Europe are generally all listed on Google, so you can easily check the reviews and ratings. 

On basis of that, you can give your decision the right direction regarding selecting a venue or opting for another venue.

→ Summing Up:

Students should take the point of accommodation selection seriously because if you agree to sign a one-year rental agreement with an accommodation provider for a non-suitable place, you will have to keep struggling for the entire year. 
Keep this checklist in mind and opt for an accommodation that makes your study endeavors in Europe effective and productive. If you are not sure or confident about any property that you have shortlisted, you can always take the help of post-landing service providers.

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