The UK government is taking care of International Students- Corona Insurance

Corona Insurance

Taking care of International Students- Corona Insurance

Universities and Colleges are putting their best foot forward to combat the situation of a global pandemic, they have already incurred losses due to the loss of momentum yet they have decided to accept the format of Corona Insurance.

However, now the question is not only about the losses incurred but also about the safety of students who are already stuck in the UK, and due to restricted travel, they are not able to move back to their home country. 

Lectures or Classes may not be conducted on a regular basis but there are several students who are still residing at the premises or hostels maintained by colleges or universities.

For such students, it is crucial to maintain the hygiene guidelines that help students to stay guarded also they can take safeguard oneself via Corona Insurance for international student. The safety of students is a new concern for the UK government because they are many reasons that shall keep the health of students in jeopardy; for instance:

>>> Many students are staying in shared accommodation, that can be a trigger for COVID-19.

>>> Students living in University premises are having breakfast, lunch and dinner in a common hall, wherein everyone is under a probable threat of catching the virus.

>>> Students who are traveling back to the UK from their hometown will have a major travel history, that is yet to be dealt with.

>>> Students have lost their jobs that might affect their study regime adversely as they may not be able to deal with the financial crunch.

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→ Safety Guidelines for students in the UK:

The current decision which is implied in the UK; Schools are open to all age groups in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland In Wales, schools are open for primary school children, years 7 and 8, and pupils doing exams.

Here’s a complete in-depth guide as to how the government is guiding students to take care of themselves in such situations.

  • Students have to maintain social distancing without fail. 
  • A face mask is vital and mandatory. 
  • Students using public transport have to be extra careful.
  • Schools have to ensure they hire clinically extremely vulnerable staff.
  • Keep an eye on wraparound provision and extra-curricular activity.
  • Have to restrict physical activity in schools.
  • Check the residential settings of the students.
  • Temperature checking is compulsory. 
  • Anyone who feels that he or she has any kind of symptoms then can take help from the National Union of Students can get themselves checked. 

Student health insurance for UK can also help students to combat situations.

>> Rules for Accommodation in Covid-19:

  • Students with Travel history will compulsorily have to observe isolation or quarantine for 14 days.
  • Accommodation in Halls, if you are using a common hall shared among many people & you fall under the category of self-isolation then you will be able to arrive at halls up to two weeks before the start of term, at no extra cost to observe the isolation.
  • Students preferring Private accommodation will have to ensure that you are able to self-isolate effectively should it be necessary

This guidance applies to all schools in England, including:

  • local-authority-maintained schools
  • academies
  • free schools
  • alternative provision schools
  • pupil referral units
  • independent schools
  • boarding schools

Current Updates pertaining to COVID-19 in the UK:

The government of the UK is constantly launching new guidelines to ensure the safety of students, they are publishing all the updates on a day to day basis on their official website

To get updates about the precautions, one can check

#update01: As per the recent update, every individual residing or living in Liverpool will be offered a COVID-19 test; irrespective of whether they have any symptoms or not. 

Hence students residing in Liverpool should get ready for the test. 

#update02: As published on the website on the 5th of November; a travel restriction inlaid on. One is not advised to travel in the UK or overseas unless for a specific reason, like education, work, or a caring responsibility
#update03: Students have to constantly stay connected with their respective university via any mode of communication, to get sure shot information about any query they have.

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→ The list of emergency contacts for students:

If a student feels that he or she has any kind of symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have any kind of query here are the links for students to get immediate help. 

>> Official For Students is a website that constantly posts updates that can help the students to deal with any kind of query that is troubling them.

>> Also students can connect to the portal of the National Union of Students to stay updated.

>> For mental health and support, students can check the website

Summing Up: 

The current situation is tough and no matter how hard we try, we may not hold complete control over the situation but by keeping safety measures in mind we can safeguard ourselves also Health insurance for International Students and if each student takes care of oneself then it will make things easy for the government. 

As we all are eagerly waiting for things to get back on track, the more precautions we will take, it will be easier for the government to channelize things in a faster way.

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