What is the cost of living in Aberdeen for students

Cost Of Living in Aberdeen For Students

Know the cost of living in Aberdeen for students

Aberdeen has been home to more than 2,00,00 students! It is a highly preferred place by International Students as it is the 3rd largest city in Scotland. Students every year are attracted to this coast based city wherein there are ample of opportunities for the Youth who are planning to settle their career.

While selecting a place, ample aspects are taken into account, like Students Accommodation, Food, and Culture, Life, Cost of Living, and other factors. The Cost of Living is a crucial one, a lot of students fail to consider this factor at the beginning of the venue shortlisting process and later on they keep barging over the budget. 
 Studying in Abroad is a Budget Oriented decision, so knowing the cost of living of a venue that you select for prospects can be of great help so that you can get a clear idea about the budget, and plan-manage finances accordingly. 

Here we have gathered every ounce of information for students who are planning to stay in Aberdeen, Here are the basic costs involved in Aberdeen, forming the Cost of Living for Aberdeen. 

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Let’s take into consideration some of the basic costs which are mandatory to be incurred and you can not skip these expenses:


Food: £70 – £200
Gas/Electricity: £40 – £80
Internet: £15 – £40
Mobile Phone: £10 – £40
Laundry/toiletries: £8 – £30
Printing/stationery, photocopying, and textbooks: £20 – £45
Total per month: £463 – £1,035

Despite all these costs, one major expense attribute is missed out, and i.e. RENT. Well, it depends on the type of accommodation in Aberdeen you select and how you want your accommodation facility to be? Students’ accommodation in Aberdeen has lots of ranges and that’s the reason it is difficult to estimate a particular cost for the same. 

Student Accommodation in Aberdeen can be in terms of Studio rooms, apartments, private rooms, en-suite. Thus the cost of accommodation completely depends on your selection. However, for a student’s life in Aberdeen, it is advisable to select an accommodation in Aberdeen that suits their budget. 

Tip: To reduce the cost of food, try to buy groceries or food packages from the local markets instead of International Markets. 

Name of Local Markets

Gourmet Cheese Co.
Aberdeen Farmers Market


These are those costs that are only to be incurred once or it’s on a renewal basis. Though you don’t have to incur it regularly it is crucial to take note of all such expenses, otherwise, the entire budget can get disturbed.

Cost of Deposit: You might be required to pay a deposit amount while booking the accommodation in Aberdeen. Students’ expenses in Aberdeen largely depend on the lifestyle they select and the same is the application for the accommodation pattern. The amount of deposit keeps varying.

The cost of furniture, if in case the student’s accommodation in Aberdeen selected by you only provides a flat and no furniture is provided, you will have to invest in getting some basic furniture and fixtures. Moreover, if the accommodation provider only provides some basic furniture and you need certain other luxury furniture then also you will have to allocate funds for that. How you want to decorate Accommodation in Aberdeen is in your hands and that will decide the cost for it!

If you looking for budgeting rental furniture here are options

Don’t miss out on student insurance, keep an extra fund for that as well.

Television connection, life without TV is hardly selected by anyone. And if you can not imagine your life without TV, manage funds for that.

Internet connectivity, electricity installation are two more expenses that are part of the basic necessity of life.

However, many of the expenses can be paid in Installment but sooner or later these expenses will trouble you if you have not made a place for them in your budget list.

Tip: Expenses are many and only by limiting your needs, you can limit them.


Yes, there are a few more expenses!

For instance, if you are traveling by bus then you have to include Bus fare. 
If you are planning to join GYM, don’t miss out to note the GYM FEES. 
Planning to be a member of the Library, here come Library fees to the list! 
If you are staying in a Private flat and planning to hire a maid or cook, you will have to pay them as well. 
Make space for emergency money too.

If you are part of the Happy Go Lucky kind of group, there will be some parties also, you might have to chip in for that. 

In nutshell, you are the one who will have control over some expenses and some expenses will be mandatory. If you want to keep the expenses under your budget line it is crucial to monitor your expenses and then cut down the unnecessary ones.

Or if you want to enjoy a certain kind of lifestyle or if you are not ready to compromise with your existing pattern of living and want the best students accommodation in Aberdeen along with the best quality food and want to live a lavish Student’s life in Aberdeen without worrying about the expenses in Aberdeen you have to increase sources of Income.

You will have to multiply your finances, maybe you can find a part-time job or can just work on double shifts during holidays or vacations.  

Enjoying life in Aberdeen is easy and certain stuff can fit every budget. How you want to live your life defines your expense list! So prepare your expense list and while preparing it keep referring expenses will have already mentioned. Don’t miss out on any of those.

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