Six surprisingly easy ways to make your room aesthetic

Six surprisingly easy ways to make your room aesthetic

Easy ways to make your room aesthetic

We realize that university can be hard on us, mainly because it is a significant shift from the life that we are used to. We understand how much you must be missing the delicious home-cooked meals, that comfortable room where you have Lionel Messi posters on the wall, Hangouts at your favorite spots with your friends, and majorly, your parents. You are obliged to undergo the effects of homesickness, and there is nothing wrong with that. We all have to leave the confines of our home at some stage or the other.

“He who is afraid to leave sight of shore will never discover new lands.”

No matter where you go, you can make that place your lovely home. While moving into a new place, you might find it distant and soulless to connect with. But don’t worry, make your bedroom more alive, and get “Home away from Home” vibe.

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Even if you may be a tad bit anxious, there is absolutely no reason why you should not enjoy your university experience. Converting your student accommodation into a personal space that feels more like a second home is one of the simplest ways to kick starter this incredible journey.
Accomplishing this task on a student budget can be quite tricky, but worry not because we have specific hacks that can help you.

1. Get comfortable with style.

What makes comfort even more satisfying? A bit of style! Get yourself some vibrant squishy cushions to make your personal space more comfortable and bright. You can also go for pillows with quotes scribbled over them to add more life to your bedroom. Choose slogans from your favorite series, character, or books. Having good cushions will also ensure you get to have a well-deserved rest after a tiring day.
Meanwhile, when you’re at it, you can also buy some bed-sheets that would be light on your nearby supermarket’s pockets. Don’t stick along with that old bed cover you purchased during high school; as you might know, change is the essence of time. Pick warm colors that’d help you to enlighten your mood. Keeping your room clean and organized will magically turn it into a picturesque destination.

2. Play with the fairies.

Do you love gazing at the stars? If your answer is yes, I’m convinced there have been times when you wished to pluck them from the sky and adorn your room with them. Worry not! Now, you could get your hands on an inexpensive alternative; Fairy lights. Tada! Fairy lights are a great way to make your room come alive. You can just let them on and lay down silently while listening to music, and I promise you’ll have the pleasure of being in paradise.

You can use decoration clips to drape them all around the room without the fear of damaging the walls. Removing it is quite easy as well. A chain of fairy lights will make your bedroom cozy, alluring, and you’ll have your field of stars for flaunting on Instagram.

3. Green is the new black.

You can be a plant-parent and adopt some dainty flowers to make your room more lively. You’ll also have some company along with you. The plants will continuously exude oxygen and keep your room fresh- arousing a blissful mood. Besides, they’ll also help to boost your concentration and are known to give a homely feel.

Do you often forget to sprinkle some love (water) on your young ones? Then you can also opt-out for succulents, cactus, or aloe vera. They are easy to look after. Turn your student accommodation into your little nursery with soothing beauties all over the place.
And if you still aren’t sure about taking care of them, go for fake plants. They can breathe life and add colors to the dullest of rooms. And the bonus point is, you wouldn’t even have to take care of them.

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4. Enjoying your time Ft Memo boards.

Planning your tasks, especially when as a university student, can seem like such an overwhelming task when you have to juggle between so many things.
There never seems to be enough time to get it all done.

This memo board can be just what you need as you can schedule all your tasks so that you’ll get the best out of your day without having to face some unnecessary burden.

This will undoubtedly enable you to have a fantastic time with your friends without worrying too much.

5. Customize surroundings with posters on the wall.

Were posters the one thing that reminded you the most of what you loved as a child? Like most people, you too must have put up posters in your room because they told you of your role model and everything that they stood for.

These posters, whether they are of your favorite band, role model, or even sports icon, can undoubtedly make you feel more at home as it can transport you back to your home and create more of a personalized surrounding that caters to your choice.

6. Creating scenic beauty via DIY art.

Art has the innate ability to make even the most boring of places feel special. This will go a long way in making you feel special about your student room. Art can have a lot of aesthetic appeals, but let me remind you that it doesn’t always have to be a masterpiece.

It can even be something as easy as a hand-painted jug that you use to keep all of your pens or thumb tags.

Give your creative urges an outlet and make this student accommodation your second home because you will undoubtedly have to spend a lot of time here. These things will certainly make your room more picturesque and welcoming to your fellow students.


We realize that going through university is not always smooth sailing, and you may also have several ups and downs during this time. Trying to make your student accommodation as personalized as possible will help you settle better and give you the feeling that you have indeed created a home away from home.

Your student accommodation or as we like to call it ‘Your second home’ will undoubtedly be filled with incredible memories

We wish you the best of regards for your future and do not forget to enjoy your student life because these days, once lost, will never come back again, so make the most of it.

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