Find best student accommodation in London

Find Best Student Accommodation In London

London has the best universities around the world. Every year students from over 150 countries come to London for their studies. There is a high demand for the best student accommodations in cities like London. But, the recent pandemic situation may have hampered the academics. Now, things are moving to the new normal. Once we knock on the door of 2021, we will again see international students fulfilling their dreams in universities of London. But, the question remains the same,

 “How to find the best student accommodation in London?”

cheap student accommodation in London

According to a survey, the 2018-19 academic year saw a total of 485,645 international students in London. It means the rush for student accommodation is far more than you can imagine. 2021 is not going to be any different. If you are looking to pursue a graduate or masters degree in London, you need to plan your search for cheap student accommodation in London.

So, here are the top ten tips to follow to find for the best student accommodation in London.

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1. Start Early: 

Don’t wait for your classes to begin and then search for student accommodation in London. As we already know that there is a huge demand for student spaces, you need to start early. The best way to search for cheap student accommodation is to start 2 to 3 months before you arrive in London.
You can plan a pre-visit for browsing the properties. You can also have a virtual tour of some properties made available by leasing agents. The best way is to browse through several options from websites like and make a list of properties that you like. Follow the same list while you search for student accommodation in London.

2. Plan Your Arrival:

Whether you are planning a pre-visit for formalities and searching the properties or your final arrival in London, plan them. You can hire pick up and drop facilities, visa consultants for documentation, university support and even have other ground support in London.
Apart from the search for student accommodation, there are several other tasks at hand. Some websites offer great services for pick and drop to contract support for student accommodations.

3. Landing Essentials:

When you land on an international turf, you are in no-mans land. From a sim card to reaching your university, everything looks mammoth. Here, a full-fledged service can help you with a new sim card, pick up from the airport and complete support until you settle down with academics.

4. Budget Plan:

London can be expensive and finding cheap student accommodation is never easy. So, you need to have a budget for everything. You can’t overspend on any specific thing or the balance can go wobbling. 
There are different costs that you need to consider. If you are not considering the cost of travelling, academics, and other leisure activities with student accommodation then you are making a big mistake. If you have planned your budget well, you can even find a one-bedroom apartment in London!

The average cost of student living in London can be around £1,250 per month. The biggest part of the cost is of accommodation. So, students need to find cheap accommodation in a city like London.

5. Nearest To Campus:

Your choice of accommodation should be nearest to your campus. It is because you will like to save on your travelling costs. However, other areas with a strong underground tube network can be helpful.

It is essential to plan the travelling means and then decide on your choice of accommodation. You can always find Purpose Built Student Accommodations or PBSAs nearest to your university.

You can visit these PBSAs and decide on which one to choose. You should also use Google maps and Tube Planner apps to know more about the specific student accommodation in London.

6. Facilities Offered:

PBSAs and other such properties provide greater facilities for students. There are modern properties across London from Greenwich to Central London for student accommodation. These properties provide some of the best amenities. Such as.

  • TV Lounge
  • Bars
  • Gym Passes
  • Libraries
  • Separate Kitchens
  • Restaurant Passes
  • Laundry facilities
  • Free Internet/Wifi facilities
  • Gamers Hall
  • Common Spaces

Apart from these, there are other facilities too. Though the pricing of the property differs with the kind of facilities you need. 

7. Security Of Accommodation

Many areas in London can be vulnerable to crimes. You should check on the security before choosing the property. There should be CCTV cameras, digital card keys, intercoms, and fire safety types of equipment. You are the most precious one for your parents and compromising security for the budget can prove fatal.

8. Surrounding Locations:

Though you are signing up for academics, you got to have some fun too. So, choosing a dull surrounding around your student accommodation in London can be dumb. The best ways are to browse around the area a little bit to know more about the location.

You can even book a cab around London to know more about some cool nightlife and other lively offer greater support with transportation facilities for students in London.

9. Room Sharing

It is essential to know what is the room sharing policy before paying off the deposit and entering a leasing contract. Here, your leasing agency can help you with contract support, documentations and even with insurance. You can even find separate studio accommodations for students in London if you want to fly solo!

10. Furnishing

There are different types of student accommodation in London. Some offer fully-furnished rooms, while others don’t offer to furnish at all. It depends on the budget of a student. And the location concerning the city. However, you can have furniture rentals for your student accommodation.


There can be many factors for considering accommodation for international students in London. But, you need to consider these factors. Because student accommodation will be your second home for the time you will pursue your dream. 
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