Tips to find cheap student Accommodation while studying abroad

cheap student Accommodation

Find cheap student Accommodation

“Accommodation” is one word that makes the entire foreign journey of a student either comfortable or difficult. Students have to be very selective and precise while opting for their cheap student accommodation as it is a significant aspect. Just imagine what if you select the wrong type of accommodation? or your accommodation venue is not apt?

Your entire routine as a student depends on the type of accommodation you are going to select, as it will decide your mode of transport, time consumed thereafter, how you will manage finances for everything, your lunch and dinner arrangements; everything largely depends on the type of accommodation you select.

So, it is important to keep in mind certain things while selecting accommodation so that you never go wrong with the selection process and things fit perfectly.

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1. Never get fooled by the advertisements:

A lot of students easily get trapped in the web of attractive discounts and tend to book from wrong or irrelevant websites in order to grab those discounts, in reality, such discounts are just a point of attraction. When student books from such a website, things might even get worse for them. Such websites are never trustworthy.

Students should always: 

> Book from a trustworthy website

> Know the source well from where they are booking

> Check whether people have dropped any review for such websites

> Check authenticity of the website

> Make sure to ensure every detail about the website you are booking from.

If you get played by the tricks and advertisements, you will not only face financial trouble but also even after spending a good sum of money; you will not get the accommodation of your choice, and it will be a big hurdle in your smooth abroad study plans.

2. Check every minute details:

Students are very eager and excited to onboard their abroad journey, they are in so much hurry to be at a new place, study there & settle there; that they decide to do everything super fast & in a hurry. Many students make the same mistake, they forget to check minute details in the excitement of going abroad.

For instance, the accommodation you have selected is; 

  • How far from the university?
  • Is the city area near your accommodation?
  • How much is traveling cost from your venue? 
  • What is the general maintenance cost of your accommodation? 
  • What kind of facilities are provided along with accommodation? 
  • Confirm with any local person about the review of the property 
  • If you are going to share your accommodation, then do basic research about the roommates, get a brief about them. 
  • Are there any provisions for breakfast, lunch & dinner? 
  • What are the add on facilities provided by the accommodation provider; example: pool area, or foosball table?
  • Do you need a guarantor for booking accommodation? 
  • What shall be the minimum amount of deposit? 

Have got an idea about shared student accommodation?

 cheap student accommodation

When we shift abroad, there is a long list of questions that need to be taken care of, because it is not just changing an address; it is about a life-changing point.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on every minute detail and then book affordable student accommodation of your choice!

3. Refer to the rating:

“Google” is our day to day guide, each of us has a habit of googling small things every now and then. 

Let’s make fruitful use of this habit, you can google and check the reviews as well as ratings of the properties you are considering to book the accommodation.

Definitely, reviews are not going to reflect the complete truth as reviews are based on opinions and every person carries a different perception as well as opinion. 

But still, it will give a rough idea and one can get some basic details clear from the reviews mentioned. A lot of people also express their reviews by giving stars, so you can also have a glance at the stars given to that property of accommodation by various people who have visited it.

4. Pay Close attention to Location:

Another key factor or core point that matters & that was highlighted in our student survey was LOCATION.  

86% of all students said that location was very important to them when considering where they wanted to live. It’s important to think about the convenience of your accommodation; can you walk everywhere? If the distance between your venue of accommodation and university is not walkable then have you estimated the travel cost?

When we use the term “location” don’t only consider the distance from various spots also keep in mind the locality, common people residing there, the crime rate of that city or spot of the city, number of grocery stores that are near & many other things that concern an individual in their daily life.

Bottom Line: 

Every student is eager to start their career lines from abroad, by as well know “It’s easier said than done” Initiating a step in abroad that shall govern your entire life is a big decision and involves ample things to be taken care of.

If the above-mentioned points are not kept into consideration, things might get tricky and you may invite lots of troubles for yourself, as all the above-mentioned points are crucial and connected with a student’s life deeply. 
Be cautious and plan everything minutely before landing at your dream place so that you can have pocket-friendly student accommodation.

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