Fun in the UK with these 10 things

Fun in the UK with 10 things

Fun in the UK with 10 things

Are you tired of Googling the things to do in the UK for 2020? In routine days students do have a well planned and hectic daily routine as they are busy completing their study regime but when they get spare time or during holidays, the clock keeps on tickling and students have nothing interesting to do as they are not aware of the engaging places and activities of the place.

Here we are presenting an entire list that international students, the interest of students may vary but the list covers the interest of every student, doesn’t matter if you are a history lover or sports lover or music lover, the UK has numerous locations to cater your interest and add some memories to your leisure time.
Let’s being the verbal tour of UK:

Students shall find this list useful as they can engage themselves in either of listed activities & traveling, as few students apartments in London is close to few below-mentioned areas, so students can select the Best accommodation in London according to their need and destination choice.

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Four Peak Challenge:

Are you a mountain person? There you go! For students who are spending their vacation time in London, here’s something that shall be nothing less than a treat for you, as it involves revolving around four peaks that are supposed to be traveled within 40 hours, well by traveling me mean route and climbing both!  4 peak challenge involves conquering the highest peaks of the UK i.e. Peaks situated in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.  For those who are far from Northern Ireland or are willing to try the shorter version of 4 peak challenge, then there is 3 peak challenge as well wherein the peak of Northern Ireland is not included. This is one of the top things to do in the UK, as students do prefer adventure when they take a break from their study routine.

Park Life:

If you are not a mountain person, then here is a festival that is apt for all the music lovers. Especially International Students in the UK prefer this as it is once in life sort of opportunity for them, they can be part of this fest & cherish it for life long.

Park Life is a music festival completely organized culturally and traditionally. This festival is apt for International students to visit as they can enjoy the feel of music here! Every year it is organized at Heaton Park, Manchester. To enter or be part of this festival students are required to buy a ticket, it is generally organized in the first week of June month, it is two days function so students can relax & take a break for a day or two.

Castles are Waiting:

For those who are travel keen, who loves to travel the next on the list is surely something that you will love as it is the castles tour, many people miss out on the fact that the United Kingdom is full with castles, one can spend days in traveling all the castles. However, the Tower Of London is must visit among all. The most interesting reason behind picking up the castle visit is that one can get a complete touch of the place and along with it one can surely get to know about the history of the United Kingdom, so for International Students in the UK, this will surely be a good activity to do.

Laughter trait at the Edinburgh Fringe

In August, every student studying in the UK shall surely plan a short visit to the most amazing place in the world i.e. Scotland. There are mesmerizing shows of comedians, the street shows. Comedians take over all the places wherein the crowd gathers and showcases their talent that makes everyone around go crazy out of laughter.

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To those who are considering it as just a random laughter show, they will be amazed to know that this show is claimed as the World’s Largest art festival! Ample of big starts and ace comedians will be on the floor to make this festival a major hit.

Shakespear’s fan special:

If a person is fond of literature, then in the rare case it will happen that he or she is not a fan of shakes, whether you are a fan of Shakespeare or not you will surely love this place has much to showcase and offer. You can visit Stratford-upon-Avon to see his birthplace and his grave. Shakespeare is a big deal to both tourists and to those who live in England, so your time in the UK will not be complete without going to see something related to his life or career. Visiting this place is a complete USP of the UK, therefore International Students in the UK are going to enjoy visiting this place after all who doesn’t like to be a part of USP venues?

British Summer Time:

The United Kingdom is a place that shall never fall short of Music and Music festivals. Here is another music festival on the list that will entertain International Students in the UK and will never let any student get bored.
The British Summer Time is a must to visit the music festival, as the festival is carried by some of the most popular singers. Another highlighting point of this festival is its venue, it is conducted at one such place that is blessed with an eye-pleasing scenery, you guessed it right; The British Summer Time is conducted at Hyde Park in London. It’s a 9 days long festival so if in case you miss out one day, you will always have an option to attend at least one out of 9 days.

London’s Notting Hill Carnival

If an International Student in the UK is getting a break or study holiday in August then participating and visiting London’s Notting Hill Carnival is a must as students will never fall short of the happening things around and it is one of a Lifetime experience that shall help students to make their trip and visit at the UK a memorable one as this carnival has some exciting things to offer, its a celebration of Caribbean Culture and all the performances will treat the viewers with a different form of dances like Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Freestyle and much more. The highlight of this festival is the ear-pleasing and enjoyable music that makes every person present there to enjoy along with the performers.

Strawberries and cream

Have you heard of this name before? If you are a hip-hop lover then surely you would have heard this name before.  If not then visiting this place will surely help you to be fond of the Hip Hop dance style.  It’s a one-day festival that takes place in Cambridge.  The ticket price is 40 euros for those who want to be part of this function.

Islands are Many:

If students want to take a long break from their studies then they can surely plan to visit some islands as a lot of visitors of the UK especially International Students at the UK miss out visiting Islands, Islands near the United Kingdom are not much highlighted but the small Islands near the United Kingdom are worth visiting. So if a student is planning to visit some islands, then visiting Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland will surely not disappoint you.

A treat for Sports Lover:

Students who are keen to balance their sports love along with their hectic study schedule then there is room for their sports interest also.  Students can visit multiple sports activities happening around the corner.


The United Kingdom is a happening and lively place, students will find multiple options to cater to their interest and live a dynamic life at a completely new place as International Students in the UK will have options of multiple activities to get involved in.  Students with the help of these 10 things to do in the UK would be able to plan their routine interestingly. Fear of Missing out at a new place will no longer exist with Ocxee, as its a leading UK based company providing post landing services to students, check out our other blogs to stay updated and let your query get solved, as well always say we are here to help students.

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