Guide: Post Study Work Visa in the UK

Guide Post Study Work Visa in the UK

International Studies has a vital significance in a student’s life and career, every student and the family invest a lot of time and money to make an International Academic Career and if after obtaining a degree, students don’t get a work experience certificate from the same place, will the degree hold the same value? 

Therefore, even post studies students must opt for a Post Study Work Visa in the UK, it shall soon become the best value addition for them and help them to shape their career in a better manner. 

One can not underestimate the power and value of a post study work visas in the UK, not just for gaining experience but for those who are aiming to settle in that particular place, city, or nation can sharpen their chances of employment with this permit. 

Without a financial arrangement, you can neither plan settling up at that place, nor think of directly getting a job without any kind of prior work experience, things in real life don’t work that way.

Hence to secure your future, the best thing is to opt for a post study work visa in the UK

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We have shared a brief about post-study work visas in the UK, which shall help you in the best possible ways to explore the entire process and execute it.

>>> Are you aware of What is Post Study Work Visa is?

In simple words just as the name suggests, it is a special permit for graduates to study even after completion of their studies. International Students are generally allowed to stay only during their work period and not beyond that but this is a special permit.

>>> How much time does a graduate get after getting a Post Study Work Permit?

The UK government has allowed international students to live in the UK post their graduation solely with the purpose of employment for 2 years. This permit applies to all the students of higher education. 

However the visa process and documents requirement is the same as the normal students, students of any category be it Bachelor, Master and PhD graduates all can apply for it. 

According to the post study work visa in the UK latest news; there are going to be some amendments and guidelines for the students who are about to start their study tenure in autumn 2020. 

Post-study work permit holders will be allowed to work in any field of their choice without any pressure. 

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It is a fact that this decision has made the UK, favorite place for International Students as they can initiate their careers at an International Level and can make their future bright. Also, Few other countries in Europe offer such good conditions for their foreign students.

Lot of students get confused that a post study work permit will affect the number of hours they are working while studying. All students must understand that the post study work permit is meant to give graduates more time to find a job after university; it does not affect how much you can work while you study.

>>> Who is eligible for a Post Study Work Permit?

International Students who have seeked a Tier 4 admission will get the permission for post study work. 

This amendment was put in force so that students can easily focus on their work prospects after completion of their studies. This decision has been so far very fruitful, students are excited to be part of this decision and exploring the ways of obtaining a post study work permit. Post Study Work Visa UK Eligibility was previously, only four months to stay for bachelors and masters pursuing students, they have to stay for 4 months and look for a job. With the new graduate visa rules, that has been improved to two years.

>>> What to do when the Post Study Work Permit expires?

The permit is eligible only for two years immediately starting after completion of their bachelors. The job role has no specific criteria, you can work for the field you like. 

But as soon as your post study work permit ends and if you still have plans to stay there and work, you have to prior apply for GENERAL WORK VISA OR SKILLED WORK VISA. 

This Visa comes under Tier 2 Visa, it  usually means you must be paid at least £30,000 per year; but for some jobs, this level can be higher or lower.

>>> Summing Up:

If you are still struggling for getting a permit to work beyond your study period, the easiest way is to get Post Study Work Visa Assistance, the companies dealing in Post Landing Services can help you the best with that. 

Post Study Work Permit is a blessing and advantage for students, specially for International Students; as it helps them to secure their studies and work prospects. If you have an experience of work from an International firm the starting of your career will be progressive. 

Apply for Post Study Work Permit today, and explore the potential opportunities.

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