Insightful Answers For Your Visa Application To Travel Abroad

When we are excited about our travel abroad it seldom happens that either, we miss certain documents or forget to attach certain papers while filing out our Visa Application.

A good guide that explains everything related to the Visa Application process not only saves time but also gives you enough to go through the complete Visa Application twice, which reduces the chance of it being rejected.

In this article, we will talk about the answers that you must know before applying for your Visa Application.

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 To begin with

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What is a Visa?

Visa can be termed as an Official Document that allows a student or an individual to enter a foreign country.  There are many kinds of visas such as:

  • Travel or tourist visa
  • Work visa
  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Refugee visa
  • Spouse visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Immigrant and non-immigrant visas

What does a Visa look like?

Visa is a stamp or a glued sticker that is attested to your passport.  It carries important information like

  • Individuals complete name
  • Reason for travel
  • Visa expiry date
  • Place of birth 
  • Passport number

Visas can either be stamped or glued.  An attested visa carries less information compared to a glued visa. A stamped visa normally has the destination and its date of validity

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How to apply for a Visa?

The first step for applying for a visa includes the choice of a destination you want to visit.

Once you have finalized the destination, make sure to visit their website for detailed information related to all the rules and regulations. 

Also, check for documents required for Visa Application and note necessary details related to procuring a visa for that country.

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There are two ways of sending your complete Visa Application 

1. You can either send it via Email 

2. You can send it in the mail.

There are many destinations that give you Visa on arrival, for those destinations you need not apply for a visa beforehand

Always carry a copy of your passport size photograph and important documents in your email to avoid the last minute-hassle

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What are the documents required while applying for Visa?

Each country has different Visa Application requirements.  

You must check with the destination’s appropriate government website, to know about their concerned requirements. A normal Visa Application flow includes

1. Filling of the Visa Application form

2. Providing your photograph

3. Supplementing it with documents like flight itinerary, hotel booking, or a letter of acceptance or invitation from an Institute, in case you are planning to study abroad

Many visas are denied based on the applicant’s medical history, criminal history any security risks, or financial instability to support education in a foreign land.

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What are the questions normally asked in a Visa Interview?

There is no set pattern for a visa interview but the following questions will surely have a mention in one way or the other.

The interviewer may ask the applicant questions about

  • Purpose of visit to the country?
  • Any specific period for visit?
  • Does the applicant have a criminal record?
  • Are you traveling individually or with someone?
  • Who will you visit?
  • How long will you stay?
  • Where will you stay?
  • Are your airline tickets booked?
  • Have you taken Health Insurance for this trip?
  • In case you are employed, do you have a leaving certificate?
  • When shall you return to your home country?

How much time does a Visa Application process take to finish?

An applicant must check from the concerned country’s website about the time required for their process flow of Visa Applications. 

Countries like Russia and Canada take approximately 8 days to process a Visa Application

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What Visa services are offered by an Embassy?

Embassies usually have all the latest information related to travel in their country.

 It would be a better idea to consult from an Embassy before applying visa for their country planning to study abroad, Your complete guide to student loan options in UK

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