list of best places to visit in Leeds

best places to visit in Leeds

Best places to visit in Leeds

It doesn’t matter whether this is your first visit to Leeds to the 100th visit; there are certain places that are perfectly located, you will love to visit these places again and again. All these places are just perfect for students. International Students who are studying in Leeds will enjoy being at such locations. 

Student’s schedules are hectic and they have to run round the clock, first at the university and then visit tuitions. Rarely do they get time for themselves or enough time to enjoy themselves. So if they take small breaks or visit the places in Leeds, they will feel fresh and will be able to enjoy being at Leeds. 

What’s the benefit of studying at Leeds if you haven’t got a chance to explore Leeds?

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Like most enormous urban areas, Leeds has a mixture of fantastic tourist spots and attractions for you to see, there are numerous to the point that you may ask why you haven’t visited previously. These locations are completely worth your time. 

But before, directly knowing about the tourist’s spots for students in Leeds, let’s have a quick look at 5 most interesting facts about Leeds:

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>>> 5 Interesting Facts about the Leeds:

  1. The world’s first steam locomotive was made in Leeds
  2. The second Ryder Cup was hosted here
  3. The UK’s last gas-lit cinema can be found in Leeds
  4.  The first county maps of England was designed in Leeds
  5. Leeds has the world’s largest animal armour

Are you amazed with these facts? There is a lot more ready to surprise you…

So, here’s the list of best places to visit in Leeds:


It is a well known area, its majorly known as a Historic Shopping Arcade. The reason behind it is quite simple, the architectural appearance of that place completely justifies its name. 
The reason why lot of people tend to visit this place is that this Grand Arcade was built several years ago to be precise in 1897 and let’s not forget to mention that is still a venue for a number of small boutique shops, and Thorntons Arcade, completed in 1878 and notable for its clock with four life-size figures.

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The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

It is right in the center of the city, i.e. city’s dock area. The Royal Armouries Museum has a great importance and significance as it is a home or venue to Britain’s national collection of arms and armor. 

It has covered a vast area, and not a centimeter of that area is a waste, because more than 8,500 objects are being displayed there in 6 wide and impressive galleries. The museum covers some 3,000 years of armor and weaponry from across the globe.

Those who are having even a slightest interest in History can surely plan to visit this place, it has a lot to convey.

St. John the Evangelist’s Church

Churches are wide spread across the globe and each church has a story to tell.

It is believed that St. John’s is the city’s oldest, it was built in 1634, people can not stop or resist themselves from praising the interior of this church, its interior is being praised for having two naves, as well as an original Renaissance rood screen, pulpit, and stalls.

There are several other religious spots in leeds that are absolutely worth visiting, St. Anne’s Cathedral is one among them, next in the list is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Cookridge Street which was built in 1904, also one can visit the Georgian Church of Holy Trinity on the riverbank in Boar Lane.

Harewood House

You will be amazed to know that it took 30 years to build and was completed in the year 1771. Since then it has been a core attraction for tourists. Basically, Harewood House,  seat of the Earl of Harewood, is a huge and dynamic Georgian country house. 

You must be waiting to know who has designed this magnificent place? This beautiful home was designed by Robert Adam and also the fine wall as well as Ceiling painting are done by Angelika Kauffmann.

 Not to miss out furniture that is eye pleasing, it is designed by none other than Thomas Chippendale, he is a famous english furniture maker.

If a student is pursuing an Interior Designing Course then he or she must visit this place to have an idea about the design made in those eras and to understand that these designs can match today’s trend therefore how precisely one must have thought of those designs and constructed the entire property!

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→ Summing Up:

Leeds area is 551.7 km²and a majority of the place is a tourist spot. If you are a student residing in Leeds, every weekend you should plan short visits or trips to the famous spots of Leeds and enjoy every spot’s history, architecture, beauty, scenic spots and much more. 

A break in a student’s life shall also be full of knowledge, leed is the best place to get knowledge from every spot. Plan your next weekend trip at several locations and let leeds serve as a value and knowledge addition place for you.

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