Make Weekend better by visiting these places in the UK

Make Weekend better by visiting these places in the UK

Weekend places in the UK are many, but are you aware of these 3 best places to visit in the UK? 

As an International Student, things and places are new around you! 

Therefore it might be difficult for you to shortlist the best place for a student’s break, or a mini-vacation, or a short trip. 

In the course of International Studies, when you make new friends, you will be excited to visit and explore new places and enjoy along with friends. With this article, we will help you to find the best places to hang out with friends and no longer you will be bored! 

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The UK is quite big you can not explore all the corners in one go! 

We have shortlisted some of the best places that you can visit and switch on the relaxing mode for the weekend, letting your weekend vibes be full of joy and energy! 

Besides all these a hectic student life needs a quick and short break without a doubt, so let’s start exploring these 5 places but before that 7 key hacks that you need to keep in mind before planning your Weekend break are listed below, check them:

7 hacks to remember before planning your Weekend Trip in the UK:

  1. Select a place that matches your interest and financial arrangements. 
  2. Ensure that if you are planning for a short trip, do not opt for long distances or far based locations as major time will get occupied in traveling. 
  3. Try and take a few food packages along with you so that you can manage your food and bite at a low expense. 
  4. Take all the necessary medicines with you. 
  5. Prefer traveling in a group so that you can double the joy with your friends. 
  6. Be very selective about the mode of transportation. 
  7. Prepare an itinerary of the entire trip so that nothing goes in vain and you can enjoy it all the time.

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→ 3 best locations to plan your weekend in the UK:

1. Manchester:

It is a famous name! Isn’t it? 

A weekend place for student in the UK are several and this is best among all. 

People have always accepted the music scene and musical contribution to this place, but there is a lot more for you at this place.

It has been one of the most dynamic cities, all there is constant upliftment of some of the other infrastructures, lifestyle, scening, and much more.

Being a student you are going to love the Museum of Science and Industry, then on the list is the National Football Museum, one of the best Pride festivals in the UK. Manchester has been a prime and attractive location for students, specifically for International Students to visit. It is so because Manchester is not only a treat from an Education or academics point of view it is enjoyable in terms of getting knowledge about the latest bands and DJs.

Head to the city’s Northern Quarter in the evening to sample a night out that is vibrant and bohemian in equal measure.

2. London:

Lavish London is simply awesome. 

If you are not studying London, at first take a break and visit the city! If you have missed out on visiting London, you have missed the most beautiful place in the UK.

To bind the beauty of London in words is not possible but it is worth visiting as it has some worth knowing history and a place to jam up with friends and enjoy. You can begin your London tour with the Thames, or can either take a visit to the Houses of Parliament or can simply sit and relax and walk through some of the best parks in the city, well London has ample parks, pick your favorite one! 

London is utterly beautiful because of its scenic views as well. Being in London will surely give you a perfect weekend vibe. Don’t forget to taste some of the food varieties solely available in London. Give yourself a treat and visit London.

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3. Edinburgh:

If you are visiting Edinburgh for the first time, you will have a long list of things to do! 

It is a perfect student venue to visit, as it has academic heritages worth knowing, art exhibitions that are value addition, there are ample museums and art galleries on your way! It is a kind of student gallery with each spot serving as a Knowledge addition.

If you get a chance you shall participate in the Edinburgh Art Festival that takes place annually in the month of July, either at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art or at Ingleby Gallery as it has some of the best and finest forms of art to showcase from across the globe. In nutshell, Edinburgh is a perfect place to plan a weekend break from your hectic study regime and give yourself a visual treat with all the cultural and artistic things placed in Edinburgh.

→ Summing Up: 

Knowing about the Weekend places for students in the UK might take time but this list is an apt list for those who are planning their first-weekend break in the UK as these are the best place to visit in the UK. You can visit all these places with friends or can also visit them individually, we promise you will not get bored as all these places have a lot to offer, it depends on students how much interest they have! 

Try your interest preferences at this place and you will not be disappointed.

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