Manchester: Impeccable destination to study abroad

destination to study abroad

The safest student accommodation in Manchester

Greater Manchester can be called as a student’s paradise because of its nightlife, gigs, restaurants, shopping and culture. A student can dance, sing, jazz to amazing music venues here.

This city never disappoints, it brought the world Oasis, students can enjoy all kinds of national and international talents here as they take the stage to perform.

Many of the nightclubs, bars and gig venues provide student discounts and offers.

It is not only for people looking to entertain themselves; Manchester is also a delight for those who need to study higher education here.

With several universities located around town, it becomes a great destination to study abroad, you will find many options available here when it comes to finding Student accommodation in Manchester

Manchester is full of student-friendly neighbourhoods.

Team OCXEE has prepared a list of student areas that will offer you the best accommodation/apartment that will fit your budget as well as expectations.

We recommend starting your apartment search in the Fallowfield, Rusholme, Victoria Park, and Oxford Road areas, where you’ll find student accommodation is plentiful and diverse.

The great news is that irrespective of the neighbourhood selection you will always have an affordable, convenient, and comfortable home to stay in any Student accommodation in Manchester

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What makes Manchester so different?

Very proudly, it is home to the National Football Museum, The Whitworth Art Gallery and The Hat Works, the UK’s only museum dedicated to hats, the Greater Manchester region offers a wide range of museums and galleries.

Free entry is offered to the majority of Greater Manchester’s art galleries, museums and libraries here, offering a perfect view of cultural experiences. All these amenities add on to make this a great destination to study abroad.

Fun Facts:

• Greater Manchester’s 99,000 students, 19,000 are from outside of the UK coming from over 150 countries around the world.

• Manchester is the third most visited city by international tourists in the UK

• Canal Street is the hub of Manchester.

• Manchester has the third largest Chinatown in Europe

• Manchester over 200 languages spoken making it one of the most linguistically diverse city in western Europe.

Estimate of university accommodation

Official university halls of residence prices are:

University of Bolton – starting from £80 per week

University of Salford – starting from £121.50 per week

MMU – starting from £106 per week

University of Manchester – starting from £95 per week

Fees and Accommodation

University Fees

Most of the resident fees taken by the universities include Internet connection, personal possessions insurance and all utility services as a part of Student accommodation in Manchester

Find below estimated fees based on a 40–42 week letting period are:

  • £98–£111 per week for a single self-catering room with shared facilities;
  • £140–£150 per week for a single self-catering room with en-suite facilities;
  • £135–£152 per week for a single room with shared facilities in a catered hall. 

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Accommodation options available

  • Shared rooms: Students share a bathroom, kitchen, and common space
  • Private rooms: Offer a personal study space and shared common kitchen and living room
  • Studio flats: Offer complete privacy with a sleeping area, study space, bathroom, and kitchen
  • Entire flat: Offers a bedroom, study space, en-suite bathroom, and wardrobe 
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We are straightforward: We don’t beat around the bush. Our experienced team members assist you round the clock for anything and everything.

We help you Save for a rainy day: Our prices are competitive but they are best in the market. We build relationship for lifetime.

We are easy to super Easy to look and to book: as simple as it reads we offer everything at a click of a mouse and ring of a bell.

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We do not keep secrets: Our students are our assets and we believe in a fair deal, we assure you that you pay rent, the whole rent, and nothing but the rent – No commissions, No booking fees, and absolutely no hidden charges.

We offer variety: We don’t give you a handful and ask you to choose, we give you options because you need to stay in a happy place to concentrate on your studies.

Everyone is happy at the end of the day: We only work for our student’s satisfaction because we love YOU, if you are not happy we are not happy…’s that simple.

Happy studying!!!!

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