What has to be included in the packing list for International Students

packing list for International Students

Congratulations! You have got admission to your dream University in London, you have also got the visa approval! The only thing that is left is packing …

So the next question that comes to mind is, what are the packing list for International Students.

Yes, the admission procedure for International Students is time-consuming but once the admission is confirmed the time is less and ample preparations are left, this situation is probably faced by all the International Students. Forget the good old days wherein traveling just meant packing bags in 10 minutes, keeping your favorite clothes and toys in a bag is the only thing involved in packing, and you are all set to travel.

But when we talk about the packing itinerary for International Students, is a long one as there are ample things to buy before studying abroad.  Also forgetting any important thing will cost you time and money both, therefore it is crucial to before handily make the packing itinerary and then assemble everything required, and then will be the final step of packing.

This process will help you to pack everything perfectly without forgetting anything or missing any important details as well as stuff.

While studying abroad as much as you focus on selecting the University, a similar quotient of importance should be given to the packing process as the distance is travelable but you cant keep on traveling every now & then.

Packing list for International Students

>> Here are the points to be kept in mind while preparing the packing list for International Students:

We have simplified the process of packing for you! No matter where ever you are traveling, this list shall be the most appropriate one for you as we have covered everything possible and required by a student who is traveling abroad for their future prospects.

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Let’s first start with Documents!

What to buy while studying abroad first includes; Documents. Documents are vital and you can not afford to miss out on any important document, by chance if you forget any document that is vital for your admission, then things will be difficult to manage and the entire procedure will get interrupted. Here are few documents that are listed, which are compulsory for you to carry; if possible keep the copies of those documents ready.

things to buy before studying abroad

Following Documents are to be carried:

  • Letter of acceptance
  • Letter of enrollment
  • Student ID card
  • Flight tickets
  • Hard and soft copies of payslips and fee receipts
  • Attested copies of academic certificates
  • A rental agreement (if you’ve already found a place) or other documents indicating where you will be staying
  • Bank statements, salary slips, and other documents that prove you have the funds to sustain yourself during the course of your program
  • Scholarship certificate (if you’ve earned a scholarship)
  • Copies of medical reports and history
  • Certificates confirming you’ve received all the necessary vaccinations
  • Blood group ID (not compulsory, but recommended)
  • Health insurance papers
  • Passport (with copies)
  • Visa (with copies)
  • Residence permit (with copies)
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Travel insurance
  • Driver’s license and other identification documents So assemble all these documents and keep all of them handy, don’t keep or pack documents in your luggage, keep them in a handbag so that things can be done quickly when you need them.

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Second in the list is a prominent one i.e. FINANCE

Second, in the study abroad packing list is a prominent one i.e. FINANCE

Without proper management of finance, don’t make any plans to study abroad as it will be impossible. When we talk about traveling Internationally we mean to carry local currencies as well, because everywhere your credit card will not work, and you will need local currency for survival.

Here is a Study abroad packing list:

  • International credit card
  • Traveler’s cheque
  • Local currency

The third is the extra things that are important and unmissable:

This is a list of those items that are part of our daily routines and one might have to immediately purchase these things from abroad if they miss out to pack the things as it will be tough to manage without all these things.

  • Backpack/ bag/ purse/ wallet
  • Outlet adapter
  • Sunglasses/ extra eye glasses/ contacts
  • Laptop and charger 
  • Camera cords and charger
  • Bed Sheets
  • Towels
  • Personalized music system be it MP3 Player/ iPod 
  • Sleep sack/ sleeping bag (most hostels will provide you with sheets, but some hostels require payment for these sheets)
  • Journal/ diary (Useful if you want to document all those interesting experiences)
  • 100 ml plastic bottles for toiletries necessary while traveling
  • Water bottle (plastic bottles)
  • A few hangers
  • Passport-size photographs


The packing list is long for International Students and so is the journey! Therefore preparing study abroad packing checklist needs to be perfect and precise. Hence we have prepared the perfectly suitable for you or any student who is planning to fly abroad soon!

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