Popular Student Friendly area in London

student Friendly area in London

Student Friendly area in London

For a student to settle in a completely new location is truly a task that requires a lot of patience and also it needs enough guts, as it is not a random decision to visit a new place and make it your home for at least a year or two.

It is an empty feeling, no friends around, missing family, struggling to build an identity, balancing the financial crunches, and dealing with everything at the same time that too alone.

There is no proper and cent percent escape to this void and such feeling, but if the accommodation venue is selected properly or you are aware of a certain student-friendly place then you can also feel relaxed by visiting that particular place. So while moving to any location abroad you should make a list of student-friendly venues that can help you to deal with boredom or at least by visiting those places you will not feel aloof. You will be able to see other students, even try to gel up with them and understand the lifestyle of that particular place.

We are sharing the 5 best student-friendly locations in London that can help every student to live at a place that has better acceptability for students and it knows the whereabouts of the students.

→ Student Friendly Places to live in London:

It is a fact that London has been regarded as one of the most student-friendly places in the world without a doubt. The student life in the capital has all that you could need, from clothes, books to food, everything is easily reachable.

The city has various regions all with their own special and particular vibe for potential understudy occupants. Discovering London convenience can be pretty fun and enjoyable as it has a lot to convey and relax around.

1. Woolwich

Woolwich is a famous zone for understudies or students who are visiting London across the globe due to highly affordable rents in this area, and the low normal expense of leasing a room (£400per schedule month). It takes under 30 minutes to arrive at focal London from Woolwich and London’s freshest train line – Queen Elizabeth Line – will before long be opening a station here to make driving considerably simpler.

Close universities are: Ravensbourne and East London

2. Deptford

Deptford is being addressed in south-east London, a zone that is interestingly known for its dockyard. The rent here is marginally more if being compared with Woolwich at £530pcm, yet this is balanced as the excursion time to focal London is just 20 minutes. Deptford has a solid understudy or student presence and is known as an imaginative center point for various sorts of specialists.

Universities that are close are: Goldsmiths and Greenwich

3. Leytonstone

It is a suburban territory in east London. The normal expense of leasing a room is £480pcm, while the reaching time to London is 25 minutes. Leytonstone gives something else to Woolwich and Deptford, with Epping Forest permitting you to get away from the commotion of focal London and escape city life. Therefore a  lot of students prefer this location as it has a different kind of tenderness.

Close universities are: Queen Mary and East London

4. Streatham

It has also successfully marked its name as one of the popular or famous student’s destinations, A lot of famous artists, actors, singers are from this place and also they currently reside at this place. Therefore the charm of this area is more glamorous and so is the rent. The rent here is a bit more expensive, it comes to  £600pcm.

Students with a strong financial background tend to look up to this place as it has a special vibe also the glamour quotient is high and there are high chances of you randomly ending up meeting some celebs!

5 benefits of selecting a student-friendly place in London:

  1. You will always be surrounded by the students, it increases the chances of making new friends. 
  2. Every student must be trying to adapt to that new place in some or other way, you can learn from them. 
  3. You will easily get things that a student requires in that particular area.
  4. The rates of each product or service will be announced keeping in mind a student’s spending capacity. 
  5. It will be easy to sink into the lifestyle of the city with other students rather than dining it alone

3 tips to keep in mind before shortlisting a student-friendly location:

  1. Make sure it is near to your University or Study place. 
  2. Ensure that there are enough job opportunities at that place so that you can manage finances. 
  3. Get a review of that city or place before selecting that particular location.

Summing Up:

London is huge! Selecting a place can be a serious task, you will have to eliminate a series of locations, do rigorous research, get feedback, ask several students and then select a proper venue but all of it is worth it if you get a proper location to stay, especially if it is student friendly!

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