Saving Money in Canada can be easy with these tips

How to Save Money in Canada?

Studying Abroad especially in Canada is fascinating, until and unless you face a financial crunch. A day without proper financial arrangement will turn out to be a major struggle. However, students do make up their routine by doing various jobs be it part-time or remote working. The question is, will these things be sufficient to match the dots of earnings and expenses? Students might constantly worry about How to Save Money in Canada?

To keep things highly in student’s favor we have made the front line efforts to serve students with the best tips and tricks to save money in Canada. So that the International Students residing in Canada can enjoy their routine without running here and there to save money or earn extra money.

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Let’s have a look at the 5 simplest, easiest, and best ways to save money on a tighter budget:

1. Take 30 Days Challenge to eliminate financial lows!

You might have heard about the 30 days challenge in terms of fitness or dieting, however, in terms of savings, it is new and effective.

So 30 days challenge is simple, we all immediately get tempted by good advertisements or displays of products or discounts. Therefore to keep yourself out of that loop, one can simply take a pledge that he or she will not incur any expense in 30 days.

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After that, you can relive the decision that you have put on hold, and think that the particular item you wanted to buy before 30 days, do you still want to buy it?

With 30 days saving challenge you can majorly eliminate all the unwanted expenses and save nearly half of your expenses. It is the simplest answer to the question How to make more money in Canada?

Also to make it sporting, you can challenge your friends for the same and take note of the fact that who saves more money in Canada?

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Give it a try!

2. Divide your Income and Expenses:

Diving your Income is mandatory, Lot of people miss out on this point throughout their entire life and it sets them back in the league.

Diving Income in simple words means you have to segment whatever you are earning, for instance, if you are doing two jobs; you can save the amount of the first job and use the income of the second job for expenses.

And if you don’t have multiple incomes then keep in mind the 60:40 ratio, therefore whatever you earn divide it into 60 & 40, 60% will be saved, 40% will be spent.

This rule can help students to earn and save in almost an equal proportion. Via this rule, you can easily cut down the expenses as you will have limited funds, and also your savings will be upgraded due to less spending.

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3. Outing shall be Cost Free

Students like to take a break and enjoy around with friends, be it sight scanning or sitting at the cafe or enjoying meals at some good restaurants or watching movies! Well, all this fun is surely unmissable but you need to maintain the line of control to keep up with the expenses.

So the best way to save money in Canada is to plan the outgoing events. For example, currently, you are attending 4 Sundays with your friends then you can easily restrict it to 2, or you can select the places that are less expensive and are highly affordable. As it will be good for you as well as your friends. Or all your friends can contribute every month and raise a fun fund for all such outings and enjoy the breaks without worrying about money. 

4. Gather knowledge about the Student’s Perks:

Many times Student discounts are being offered and students are unaware of it. If a student avails some of the discounts that are being offered then they can save a good amount. 

For instance, students can get a good discount on purchasing books, haircuts in some salons, dine-in coupons, and much more to cut down their expenses. 

If there are any schemes or supportive grants offered by the government then also they can make apt use of them. The government is providing vital details on the portal, hence at any point in time students can take note of it.

Also, they can ask their seniors if they know about any financial aid provided by their university, as every university or college has different programs and schemes for students. They can easily get details about those and help themselves with the same.

5. Students Insurance can help you!

Try to purchase things after insuring them. You can obtain cheaper insurance for your car, home, and life insurance by shopping around and comparing quotes. Term life insurance is more practical and is cheaper for most people compared to whole life insurance. Students Insurance is provided by certain companies who are dealing with post landing services for the International Students. 

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Therefore, students can get in touch with such companies and get the best student insurance for themselves, so that in future if they are in serious need of money, via insurance students can help own selves. 

Also, students can opt for varied other insurances that are connected with their routine life and set themselves free from the financial glitch.


Ways to save money in Canada will help each student to perform better and make the most out of the resources they have. Once the financial crunch is erased; students can easily focus on their studies and make visit Canada to count.

With these Money Saving tips in Canada, lifestyle will be cheaper and affordable for International Students in Canada. However, the list of expenses might go on, but these tips will make the survival scope better and effective.

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