Shinning and glowing skin tips for extreme winters in the UK

Shinning and glowing skin in winters

Have you ever faced a situation where you have to avoid confrontation with your loved one because of a face pimple or dark eyespots? There are places with extreme winters, thus cracked and problematic skin is very common.

Did you ever reschedule your interview because you were not looking your best?

If you have done any of the above, rest assured you are safe now.

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You do not have to buy an expensive cream so that you look flawless every time, but with these glowing skin tips, you will achieve one without spending a fortune.

Everyone dreams of perfect and glowing skin. Guess what, it is simple and much easier if you follow the following tips:-

We have consolidated a list of beauty essentials that will help you get rid of those unwanted skin problems.

1. Healthy lifestyle: Yes, it is the most important factor, to have that radiant and glowing skin. A healthy lifestyle adds to your age and skin. Follow these steps and see the difference:

a) Sleep well: A healthy sleep of 8 hours is necessary for your body to relax and work on the nutrients resulting in glowing skin.

b) Exercise: For all those who thought that exercise will only shape your body here is an important fact, it nourishes your skin and removes all the unwanted elements from your body in the form of sweat.

Little difficult in extreme winters but it should be practiced daily. Exercise metabolizes and detoxifies our body.

Exercise can be in a form of a walk with your dog or yoga sessions, anything that keeps your body moving is fine. It removes stress which otherwise shows on your face.

c) Drink plenty of water: Water works wonder for our body. It revitalizes and detoxifies your body thus giving you healthy and glowing skin and good health without spending a penny.

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d) Eat healthy: Healthy lifestyle is a combination of all of the above. You must include many fresh fruits in your daily diet.

Your meal should also have a bowl of vegetables that adds important nutrients to your body. Avoid excess sugar or fried foods.

During extreme winters, make sure to eat fresh farm seasonal fruits and vegetable

2. Skincare: A healthy and glowing skin is the outcome of efforts of a daily routine.

You must follow the steps of cleaning with a facial cleanser, toning, nourishing and moisturising every day.

This routine helps remove any dirt particles that accumulate throughout the day.

3. Cold water is magical: Always wash your face with cold water. For extreme winters, you can switch to Lukewarm.

It works wonder and takes hardly any time. Make it a routine to wash your face just before you go off to sleep and moisturise it.

4. Sunscreen: As the name suggests, it protects your skin from the harshness of the sun.

 Before leaving the house, make it a habit to apply sunscreen without a fail. This will keep your skin from burning and will help retain the moisture during a sunny day.

5. Keep your hands away from your face: Yes, your hands are also the culprit. At times, we touch things that are not clean and they end up accumulating on our face.

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Do not touch your face with your fingertips that are the best place for bacteria to rest. Later it slips into your pores resulting in acne.

6. Use soft facial cleanser: You must refrain from using any cleaner that is new in the market and is doing wonders on your friends skin.

There are so many heavy-duty cleansers out there that give you radiant shine instantly but in return harm your soft skin with chemicals.

7. Wash the makeup: It is the last thing one must do before hitting the bed. Always remove the makeup whether it is just a kajal or lipstick. It worsens the skin if not removed.

8. Choose fragrance-free skin products:  If you know that your skin is sensitive avoid products that have a strong smell.

Choose fragrance-free products, those labelled as “unscented” contains a little quantity of fragrance, which is the main cause of skin-related allergies and reactions.

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Perfect and radiant skin is not impossible to achieve. You have to a work little hard on the skin with good nourishing products and a cleaning routine.

These tips work without fail whether it is scorching summers or extreme winters

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