Top 12 side hustles for a student with the best payout

Top 12 side hustles for a student with the best payout

Top 12 side hustles for a student

If you are an international student looking to get the best of the new world that you are going to enter, beware of the costs that you need to endure. There are costs of accommodations, food, academics, and many more that a student needs to take care of. The students of this generation rarely choose to rely on their parents for every other financial help. Students are always on the lookout for a part-time job to support expenses.
According to a survey by the Guardian, there are about 59% of working students across the globe. Among these working students, 45% are doing part-time jobs. These side hustles by students are not just for money and often shape-up their career in some talents they might not discover otherwise.
Here, we are going to discuss some side hustles that can help you earn and learn to grow as a student.

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1. Carpool Driver:

Don’t worry, it is not your regular cab driving! Ever since the Uber and Lyft became so successful, it is the most lucrative part-time job for any student. According to a report, the drivers that are associated with services like Uber and Lyft earn up to $8.55 an hour.

As a student, this is quite a lucrative side hustle. Especially in metropolitan cities like New York, London, Paris, and others, students can support the costs of accommodation through such a part-time job.
Weekends are the best time for such carpool drivers and you can always count on some peak hours of Saturday night. Students can also take advantage of extreme weather conditions when such services are in demand.

2. Food Delivery:

Sometimes you wonder if there is a part-time job for a student that does not have Uber involved. Food delivery services are so common these days, you can find them on the internet, on the streets and everywhere. It is simple, all you need is a two-wheeler vehicle.

Students can work between class times. They can even take up more orders in the night hours to get higher earnings. So, whether its Ubereats, Grubhub, or DoorDash, they all can hook you up to some extra bucks for assistance towards expenses.
Food delivery can be great if you are in a city like London and having student accommodation near to the campus, it can help you spare some time for this side hustle.

3. Giving Online Tuitions:

Tutoring can be a great way to earn some extra cash. But how to get time from the academics and start teaching? And then there is also this fear of teaching someone while you are a student.
But what is more interesting is the new digital age of online learning. Some platforms can offer you money for your online courses or even lectures. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and others that provide a medium for you to offer online lectures and courses.

Online courses are not just a great way to earn some extra money. It is also a way to gain some knowledge through your side hustle.

4. Blogging:

Blogging can be great not just as a part-time job but also as a career for students. If you are good at writing and obsessed with storytelling, then this is the perfect side hustle for you. There are many websites like Medium, Bluehost, and others that offer money for publishers in their blog sections.

For this, you need to have a sound internet connection in your student accommodation. Some services do offer assistance for finding student accommodations with such facilities. You should consider getting professional help for finding student accommodations with free wifi to get the cost of the internet down.

5. Medical Assistant:

As a student, if you love to help people, a part-time job as a nurse or medical assistant is not bad at all. You can opt for such a side hustle after your academic hours to fit into the shifts at medical facilities. Though it can be hard to maintain the timings.

6. Handyman Jobs:

If you are talented or skilled to help people with specific handyman jobs like painting houses, furniture fixing, and other such services, then you can opt for such side hustles. You can even join some handyman on-demand service that can help you with some extra money.

7. Freelancer Jobs:

It is a great way to brush your skills and even make some extra money. Freelancing jobs are especially for engineering students, and coders that can make the most of skills, high in demand in the freelancing market.

8. Being Nanny:

Watching other’s kids is not an easy job. If you are good with kids, you can opt for this side hustle. If you are in a posh location like the Kingston in London with a student accommodation close to residential areas, it becomes easy to find such a part-time job.

9. Pet Sitters:

Well! If you are not fond of kids and more of an animal lover, then this is the perfect part-time job ever. You can opt to take care of pets and earn some extra cash for your student expenses.

10. Testers:

There is always a need for app testers and website analyzers. If your favorite pass time is just sitting idle on the PC or smartphone, scrolling everything on the net, then this is just the right side-hustle to earn money.

11. Surveyor:

Authorities in major cities are always conducting surveys on several different topics. You can get this part-time job as a volunteer and earn some extra bucks. You can even take up some online surveys for your side hustle.

12. Student Counselor:

A student counselor or a campus brand ambassador represents a campus and helps new enrolments. You can take this job as a part-time and yet keep your academics sound. It can help you as a student and others that come to the campus.


We discussed some exciting options for a part-time job that students can try for supporting their expenditures. Whatever you choose for the side hustle, it depends on your schedule, skills, and ability to cope up with the challenges. Student accommodation is one of the important aspects of your efforts to create an alternate source of income and that is where Ocxee comes in.

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