Find best Student accommodation In central London

Student Accommodation In Central London

Are you looking for affordable student accommodation in Central London? Then what should you choose? A university hall or a student house? Discover here!

Student accommodation In central London

Central London is considered as the heart of the city. It has many monumental and historical places. But, most of all it is home to some of the most prolific universities around the world. Student accommodations can be hard to find at affordable prices in central London. But, if you have the right guidance it is not that hard to access some of the best universities and student accommodations in Central London.

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There are many universities from London among the top universities in the world. Whether its UCL or imperial college of London they are all considered to be the unicorn universities. While getting admissions in such universities is challenging, getting the best student accommodation is harder. So, let’s discuss some ways to get the best student accommodation around such universities.

University Halls: 

If you are new to London and it’s your first year than University halls may be the best option for your student accommodation. If you consider central London than UCL, Imperial College of London and even the King’s college have university halls for student accommodation.

These university halls are close to your campus and reduce the commute timings. They are also affordable and best for students new to the city. But, there are restrictions to such university halls. There different room sharing policies. 

You may end up sharing a room with a person you don’t know. It may look adventurous. But, if you are not comfortable with room sharing options then there is no getting away. Some of them even lack basic facilities and services.

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Purpose-Built Student Accommodations:

If you are thinking of something more stylish and comfortable in central London then PBSAs or Purpose-built student accommodation is the best. From the Kensington gardens to the posh Hoxton district in North London, PBSAs has changed the very dynamics of student accommodations.

University halls may lack basic facilities. But, PBSAs is all about amenities and comfort. They provide the best services for students at affordable rates. If you are wondering how to get around these PBSAs then there are student accommodation companies in London that can help you get the best of them.

Student Accommodation Central London

So, how are PBSAs different? 

They offer multiple facilities that you can’t expect from your university-owned halls. Some of them are.

  • TV Lounge
  • Gymnasiums
  • Swimming Pools
  • Library Passes
  • Gamer Halls
  • Restaurant Passes

Apart from these facilities, there are other options to discover for room sharing policies.

  1. You can opt for a 3 bedroom flat shared among three fellow students, which is awesome for accommodation and common for making new friends in London.
  2. You can choose a studio including a kitchen area and a bathroom. The studio is exclusive and it is just for yourself. You can have your own space and no room partners.
  3. You can go for a dual-occupancy studio or one-bedroom apartment. It is quite rare in Central London for student accommodation. You can approach student accommodation companies for such options in London.

Personal Flat Sharing:

If independence is what you seek then this is the best option. It provides you complete control on who will you have as room partners and how will you manage your place around. It enables students to live with complete freedom. 

There are downsides to this option. The first being handling of contracts and other payments. You have to tackle with the landlords. Getting student accommodation that has complete privacy in central London can be tricky.

Here student accommodation companies in London can help you with documentation support, automatic rent payment reporting, and other online bill payment. If the place that you rent does not have enough furniture, then there are services like Ocxee that not only provide student accommodation support in London but also provide furniture rentals.

Student Houses:

London is full of Victorian era student houses. Here, you can share the house among four to six students. They are pretty huge and have basic facilities. This is great for students looking to share their space with some community members.

For example, an Indian student looking for accommodation in London can choose one such house in Wembley, where there are many Indians already living. But, there are certain downsides to such student houses. 

These properties are often quite old and can be cold in winter. Some of them even need repairs that are not so prompt from the landlords. They may be cheap student accommodations, but, definitely not worth your comfort in London

The best way around such properties is multiple viewings before signing up. You should know everything about the place before handing out the deposit.

Be Wiser and Decide Smarter:

Now, that you know what are the options to look for, there are certain points you should consider before deciding on any of these options.

  1. Start browsing the properties two months before your first class.
  2. Arrange for all necessary things on arrival.
  3. Choose a service that provides multiple services from pick up at the airport to student accommodation.
  4. Read all the terms of your accommodation contract before paying your deposit
  5. Know the actual cost of accommodation with all the extra charges.
  6. Plan your commute from the option you choose to your campus.
  7. Browse through all the localities and areas around the accommodation.
  8. Check on all the amenities provided by different properties.
  9. Ensure that there is security equipment like CCTV cameras and digital keycards available.

The ultimate decision is yours,.But, choosing a partner like Oxcee that not only will help you get the best student accommodation in central London but, can also help with visa consultations is ideal. There are plethora of options. We saw some of the options that may interest you. All of them have some benefits and some drawbacks.

But, to get the best results, choose a student accommodation company in London that can handle all your documentation, need for daily essentials, and even furniture rentals. There is no limit to how much you can spend on student accommodation in London. But, if you want affordable accommodation then be smart about it!

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