London is famous for Student-Friendly Bars, check the list

Student-Friendly Bars

Student-Friendly Bars

At some point in time, International Students in London shall accept the culture and trends of the city in which they are residing. London has a stress free and lively lifestyle; everyone here owns their small world that is full of happiness. The trend here is on weekdays everyone stays focused and occupied, and weekends are full of fun, party, and chilling!

When we talk about the party and chilling, International Students in London might not be aware of the places where they can party or enjoy. Therefore they constantly keep on checking the list that helps them to plan their weekends.

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Well, students have much on cards! They can visit restaurants, adventure parks, cafes, site scanning, and student bars. So today this article will help you find cheap pubs in London.

Check out the list and plan your weekends! Set your drive for fun mode!

The Best Student Discount Bars in London:

Not every bar in London will welcome students with open arms due to age restrictions. Therefore only a few selected bars will allow students to enjoy at their premises. 

Let’s have a look at those bars that are designed for the students, wherein students can capture some happy moments in their leisure time!

The Roxy, Fitzrovia

The Roxy, Fitzrovia

Entry Protocol: 

Student, I’d Card 

It is an unground, a Basement Bar! It is a perfect place for students to enjoy and chill. A lot of students from London universities visit this place, so you have an opportunity to explore and socialize at this pub. The entry rates are cheap because it is a student’s bar. It has London’s biggest student RnB night, or check out their hip-hop, house, and indie nights during the rest of the week. 

Students frequently visit here as it is a cheap pub in London.

Students can wear any of their favorite outfits and can spend quality time here. Also, they might make some new friends here! 

CLF Art Café, Peckham

Entry Protocol: 

Student’s Identity Card

It’s a legacy, as it is a 120-year-old warehouse that has been converted into a bar and club. Students feel it is a Cheap Pub in London. 

Its interior is worth taking! Well, even if you regularly visit, there are high chances that you miss out on some of the best interior looks of this place, as they change the interiors daily! 

Can you imagine a new looking place is recreated on a daily basis? Isn’t it cool? 

It’s a perfect address to all the night, with live music, soul, funk, and disco tunes going on into the early hours.

Famous DJs will be grabbing the desk to make the most out of the evening! 

So, when are you visiting it?

Little Nan’s Bar, Deptford


Entry Protocol: 

Student Identity Card

You won’t believe it but it’s true! 

If you visit this place, you will be served award-winning cocktails! The best part is cocktails are in a Teapot. 

Make yourself comfortable at this place with a mixed view of 80’s retro furniture and pop-culture pieces. The menu includes some classic British favorites! Karaoke nights will make things even more happening for you! 

For making things interesting you can also participate in a pub quiz. 

If you are residing in South London, then this place must be on your wishlist, visit it with your friends to double the joy.

The Doodle Bar, Bermondsey

Entry Protocol: 

Student’s Identity Card 

Open Wednesday to Saturday

It is a Bar that is open on selective days. It is a perfect venue for a fun evening, one can enjoy and relax. The atmosphere here is very lively and interesting, nobody gets bored here. 

To keep yourself connected you can enjoy playing Ping Pong or just keep doodling over the walls and no one will ever stop you. The meaning of fun is different here and that is the reason many people enjoy being here. 

Also, street food is available just outside the premises, ample food trucks will be waiting for you. The variety of food being served here ranges from burgers to Argentinian steak sandwiches.

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 Things students should keep in mind before visiting a bar in London:

  • Always carry your student identity card, never forget it. 
  • Ensure Bar you are visiting is a Student’s Bar.
  • Never visit a bar with empty pockets, get a rough idea of whatever you are going to order, keep sufficient money with you, and then place the order.
  • If possible visit places with groups so that it can be more enjoyable.
  • If the timings are fixed, book pickup and drop services prior to visit.


Students can enjoy thoroughly without any disturbance or interference. But they shall keep the safety elements in mind. All these venues are in different locations of London, therefore visiting each of them will give you a small tour of London. 

London weekends are unmissable if you have a group of friends, then you should surely plan a visit to all these student discount bars in London, also there are certain rooftop bars in London that are worth visiting, we shall shortly cover it in our other blog! 

Till then you can check out these places and give yourself a break from monotonous and hectic life!

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