Students Events and spots in London that are best for students

Students Events and spots in London that are best for students

Students Events and spots in London

2020 has left no place, no event, no city, no country unaffected, London is adversely affected by COVID-19, therefore these student’s events in London may not happen this year.

But, keeping the excitement of students in mind we have decided to present you with the list of events that annually happen in London, be it the best concert in London, or the best student nights in London. We have shortlisted unmissable events.

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If you are a student who has recently flown to London, or if you are not well aware of the events in London, then we will not let you miss out on any fun!

Here’s the list of Students Events in London:

The feeling of being new at a place is different and sometimes weird, we feel left out as we don’t know the place completely, we are unable to figure out which place shall we visit when we want to enjoy, or where to go when we are feeling low, or what should be the venue for partying with friends. Knowing a place or at least knowing the spots that let you gel with the place is always a wise idea.

Check the list and plan your weekends! Some places you can visit with friends and some places will accept you even if you are alone!

1. British Film Institute Southbank:

Film-Bee has to visit this place, it’s a mandatory one! 

For those who are filmy and live in the world of cinema, here’s your dream place. This place showcases the best piece of cinema, the four-screen there is perfectly set to regulate the dose of entertainment; genres like classic, contemporary, and critically acclaimed films are projected there. 

It gets better – if you’re under 25, tickets on the door are just £3. it is highly affordable, you might even get regular here! Students can also visit this place in a group, or even individually. 

Also, you don’t need a long vacation to be at this place, just a weekend will serve the purpose. 

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21, Stephen Street, Camden Town, England W1T 1LN


2. The Vaults

To get beneath the beauty of London, you must visit this place. It’s an unmissable art scene. It has one of the rare creative’s exhibitions in London, and this is not some typical sort of exhibition wherein you just have to keep glancing at the things and then buy some out of many.

It’s a live form of exhibition wherein you can join the Live-Drawing Classes, Buy yourself a drink, or test your knowledge at the pub quiz, if you are an art lover probably you will feel you have just stepped into the World of Arts!

The entire project is developed underground, hence it will be a unique feeling for the visitor to get the best experience of an exhibition!

Address: Leake St, Bishop’s, London SE1 7NN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7401 9603

3. Ozone Coffee House

It’s a hotspot for students, the story behind the inception of Ozone is that 3 friends who shared a passion for coffee in New Zealand decided to open a cafe named Ozone. 

The sister coffee house in Shoreditch holds the same core values of community, sustainability, and quality products so the cafe, roaster, bar, and light restaurant are all under the same roof.  

The space utilized to run Ozone was previously a warehouse, therefore a warehouse has been converted into a Cafe and it is very spacious! 

It kind of gives a vintage treat to your eyes with those wooden tables, the natural light penetrating from the windows, and minimalist furnishing. 

The reason why students enjoy being at this place is they can study here as well as sip coffee without any disturbance. It will give students a lively environment to study!

Address: It has many outlets, you can get brief from the link

4. Corsica Studios

It is a hangout venue for many students. Occupying two railway arches behind Elephant and Castle, the not-for-profit venue is split into a bar and live music room, and a studio. Generally, movies, specifically creative movies, are projected in the studio. 

DJs here play the most live music, it can be pop-up music, or some party music and the fun continues till 6 AM. It’s a kind of hideaway for people visiting this place. 

Address: 4, 5 Elephant Rd, London SE17 1LB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 7703 4760

Summing Up:

Students’ events and spots in London are many! Sometimes visiting these places will cause no harm especially for International Students in London, as they are living away from their families, these places will help them to get diverted from the Home Sickness and also will help them to understand London on a larger scale! 

Students will find a completely new world residing beneath London at all these places, as each place has a story to tell! 

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