10 things that make Sydney best for student’s studying abroad

Sydney best for students studying abroad

Sydney best for students studying abroad with affordable student accommodation

The largest city in Australia, Sydney home to 5.2 Million people. Capital to the state of New South Wales, it is the land of surf, sand, and sea.

For higher education students consider Sydney as their first love, because of the diversified student community from around the world, Sydney is home to over 20 universities. To name a few

The University of Sydney                     Macquarie University

Western Sydney University             University of Technology Sydney

University of New South Wales

The University of Sydney is one of the top universities in Australia and offers a wide range of academic programs. Established in the year 1949, the University Of New South Wales is a public research university located in the Sydney suburb of Kensington. So why Sydney, here a list of 10 things that will make you fall in love with Sydney all over again

1. Amazing Weather

Sydney is loved and adored by students all across the globe because of its amazing weather. The climate is fantastic all year round. All kinds of outdoor activities can be enjoyed, as it is the perfect weather for surfing, riding a bicycle or just exploring the city centre. There are plenty of things to do literally under the sun.

2. Excellent academic history

Education runs in the nerve of this city. It is also home to the oldest university in Australia, University of Sydney that is also one of the best universities in the world. It ranks 42 globally. Once a student associates themselves with these international universities, they can look forward to a rewarding career.

3. Luxurious amenities

The city might be old but it never fails to surprise its students with the top class amenities for its students. University of Sydney is the oldest universities in Australia, still it has the best in class and most advanced and modern facilities. International students can take advantage of the developed facilities and resources in pursuit of their dream education.

4. Worldwide recognition

Every degree and course that a student’s plans to study here are developed under the strict supervision and guidance of the Australian government, thus all degrees and courses are of extremely high international standards. That is not it, they are continuously monitored and upgraded so that they are at par with excellence.

5. Unity in Diversity

As a global talent hub, Sydney is the melting of different cultures. The city is home to people from different backgrounds. It has been estimated that there are now more than 35,000 international students studying at local universities in Sydney. 

6. Easy Public Transportation

Moving around from one place to another consumes a major portion of a student’s life. The public transport system in Sydney makes it easy and convenient for students to get around the suburbs, city centre and other neighbouring areas like Newcastle or the Blue Mountains. This also includes buses, ferries, trains, and trams. However, you need to have the City’s Opal card when travelling by public transport.

7. Job Opportunities

Sydney not only offers the best quality education but also makes you self-independent. If you are looking for work while studying in Australia, Sydney has an option for every student. Sydney offers many job opportunities for international students. You also are entitled to receive several benefits like flexible working conditions, professional development courses and competitive salaries.

8. Quality of Life

Sydney offers an upgraded and researched quality of life. According to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Sydney has been listed among the topmost liveable cities in the world. International students can enjoy a high-quality life while studying and working in the city.

9. Amazing opportunities for entertainment

Sydney has a lot to offer from entertaining bars to a thriving nightlife. Beaches make a beautiful mention every time someone talks about Sydney. From shopping to café hopping, a student can enjoy all varieties of entertainment activities here.

10. Friendly locals

As they say, Aussies are generally very relaxed and have a laid-back attitude towards life. You can proudly call them a happy bunch. You can have a good company over a beer that you can enjoy over a sizzling sausage on the barbecue.

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