Interesting things to do in London under 10 Pound

Things To Do In London Under 10 Pound

Things To Do In London Under 10 Pound

Have you selected London for your studies? Great choice! 

This British capital has the potential to help as many students as possible to add some colors to their dreams. Though a lot of students, every year, are attracted to this beautiful place called London for their further studies, we can not miss out the saying that, 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”‘

We are all aware of this quote, aren’t we?

The most awaited day in a student’s life is SUNDAY, probably because Sunday is the only day that students can completely utilize for their hobbies or to carry out some interesting activities and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Every student is keen to plan out their Sunday in some relaxing manner, don’t you agree? To make this occur it is very crucial to know the place entirely. Until and unless you are aware of the city, there is no other way to plan out your holiday in a refreshing manner.

If you are an international student in London, then there are higher chances that you may not be aware of the place. So here is a quick to-do things list for students in London, for that matter International Students in London.

Students can check this list and plan their vacations or holidays or study breaks, in that manner. So that staying and studying in a new place won’t be a barrier for their entertainment quotient.

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5 most interesting things to do in London under £10

As William Shenstone once said, ‘nothing is certain in London but expense.’

But today we have made some of the 7 most interesting things to do in London under £10.

1. View of London from the Skyline!

Cost: £6.40

With Emirates Air Line, international students in London, or for that matter any student in London can view the place from the skyline. 

It is Uk’s first-ever Urban Cable Car, which shall help one view London from the sky i.e. it helps you to get a sky view. It runs from Excel Centre at Royal Docks to the O2 Arena at Greenwich.

It is a complete worth for money experience. If you can not afford a complete tour to London, at least this will help you to experience the essence of London. 

It is one of the best things to do in London for students.

2. Don’t miss out Shakespeare’s Globe Theater:

Cost: £5

If you have even the slightest interest in Theaters then don’t miss out on this opportunity to watch out the plays of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is one of the most famous venues in London. And without a doubt visiting here will be the best choice because the plays that are performed here give you a completely different experience.

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The cost of the ticket is also minimal, I think there is no scope of getting a cheaper ticket for a world-class theater!

3. Have you heard of Abbey Road Crossing?

Cost: FREE

If you are aware of John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s famous album cover, then you must be aware of Abbey Road Crossing.

In the World’s history, it is one of the most famous pedestrian crossings.

And you will be surprised to know that every day, tourists from different parts of the World, visit London to click a picture here!

The legendary pedestrian crossing is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London and that is the reason this spot has made its space in the top 7 things to do in London.

4. Landmarks will make your day!

Cost: FREE

For those of you who are keen on well-known milestones and chronicled landmarks, you won’t be let down! Not at all

Yes, there are entrance fees for certain monuments. But it is not necessary to just check all the landmarks from inside. You can even explore them from outside, you can just check it out

You can explore the House of Parliament, Big Ben Clock Tower, or Tower Bridge, it is one of the most beautiful
experiences to visit either of these!

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5. Sightseeing Boat Cruise:

Cost: £9.75​

Sightseeing Boat Cruise will make you enjoy being on Cruise with your budget. This minimalistic cost-based cruise will help you to explore London in a better way.

It is a 45mins mini-tour,  from Tower Pier to Westminster and back. The boats include live commentary with a choice of indoor or outdoor seating.

One can just sit and relax, watch the beauty of London and enjoy the charm of the place! 

Apart from these listed things, there are many other cool and budget-oriented things to do, especially for the students in London.

Students in London can even plan out a day based outings with friends, restaurants, and cafes are always a considerable option.

Summing Up:

If you have worried how much potential £10 can have?

Well with this £10 you can almost be part of the most interesting things to do in London. It will surely light up your study break.

Life in London is quite expensive but however, you can NOT spend the entire day in your room. You have to explore and get engaged with the activities and make out which are the Best things to do in London?

Once you know London completely, it will be easier to plan things in a more fun way!

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