Top Accommodation Insight For International Students In Germany

Unlike other countries, students enrolled in German universities are not automatically granted rooms on campus. It is easily available in some cities but here it can be quite difficult. 

If you are planning to study in Germany for your higher education, you will have to arrange your own accommodation. German universities rarely have traditional campuses with student accommodation. 
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Let us answer a very important question first…

What is the Cost of living for international students in Germany?

Average monthly expenses for students

Rent and utilities € 323

Food and drink € 168

Clothing € 42

Working/learning materials € 20

Travel costs (car and public transport) € 94

Health insurance, medical costs, medicine € 80

Phone, internet, TV € 31

Leisure, culture, sports € 61

Total € 819

Accommodation in large cities of Germany such as Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt, Freiburg or Tübingen is expensive, here studio flat costs around 595 EUR in Frankfurt, and even more in Munich. 

Living in eastern Germany is much cheaper than in the West, a small flat in Leipzig will cost an average 379 EUR in rent. 

Let us now understand the Rent structure of Student Accommodation in Germany  

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There are two parts of the monthly rent: Kaltmiete and Warmmiete

Kaltmiete, or basic rent, is the part of your rent that covers the use of one or several rooms. 

Adding the costs for waste collection, water, gas, heating, and other amenities in the house, the so-called Nebenkosten, or utility costs gives you the Warmmiete or total rent. 

Kaution or deposit is usually three times your monthly basic rent and serves as security for your landlord. It is returned when you move out, after settling all terms and conditions with the property owner.

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Types of Student Accommodation in Germany 

There are mainly two types of accommodation for students:

  • Room in a student hall of residence
  • Private accommodation
Cost of Room in a student hall of a residenceUSD 254
Cost of Room in a flat-shareUSD 306
Cost of an Individual private accommodationUSD 392

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Features of Student Halls of Residence

  • It can be called the most economical form of accommodation available for students studying abroad.
  • Because of its great need, Germany has more than 180,000 rooms in student halls of residence are available every year.
  • It is normally present in every university town.
  • Every hall of residence is different in terms of location, size, and furnishings.
  • The room sizes are different and can be broadly categorized into singles, doubles, or even small apartments.

Features of Private Student Accommodation in Germany 

  • Since it is privately owned the price and quality of private accommodation varies from area to area.
  • A flat-share, also known as Wohn gemeinschaft or WG, is a living arrangement in which two or more people share the expenditure together in one flat.
  • These kinds of shared flats are very popular among students in Germany due to affordability.
  • A student has his bedroom along with a shared kitchen, living room, and a bathroom.
  • The cost of additional expenditures like telephone, internet, and other amenities are mostly shared too.

Temporary accommodation for international students in Germany during their first days

Students can also opt for student dormitories or an apartment upon arriving also. Temporary accommodation is very common amongst international students in Germany. Temporary accommodation options for international students in Germany include:

• Cheap hotels

• Low-cost hostels

• Youth hostels 

• Guesthouse 

Make sure you reserve online early enough before your arrival date.

Happy studying!!!!

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