Why is London is a dream city for students all over the world?

Why is London is a dream city for students

Why is London is a dream city for students

London is the heart of the United Kingdom. It is a city of dreams and passion. London attracts many international students and there are universities with international acclaim. But, the thing that makes London preferable for international students is accommodations. The city offers one of the best student accommodation options at affordable rates.

According to a survey, London remains to be the capital of the world for higher education. Out of the top 40 universities in the world, four are in London. These universities include the University College London or UCL(16th rank), Imperial College of London(8th rank), London School of Economics and Political Science(25th rank), and King’s College(36th rank). So, whatever field of study you want to choose, the universities in London can offer.

London is the best city for students in the UK to pursue higher education, and it gets reflected in the number of students that enroll every year. So, let’s discover what makes this city worth exploring for an international student.

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An Academic Mecca

London is an excellent educational HubSpot. There are courses for every domain. From artists to journalists, you can find every type of career enthusiast here. If you are deciding on whether or not to study abroad and especially in London, there are some academic costs to consider.

London has a different scholarship policy for students from the European Union countries. It is easy for them to get a scholarship. But, It is not the same for international students. They need to apply for scholarships provided by their country.

There are other expenditures than academics, which we will discuss later. London is also famous due to a humongous academic fraternity. With over 40 universities and 30,000 courses, London is the destination for an international student in the UK.

The Metropolitan Feeling

Ever felt the need to be among the best? If yes, then London provides you with that chance. The city baths in diversity with more than 300 languages spoken. There are people of different ethnicity and countries. You can meet new people and make new friends here.
London hustles and bustles throughout the night. Browsing through the Borough market or Maltby street market can fill your shopping bags with the best of stuff. A visit to the old Spitalfields market can leave you awestruck. It is a heritage market in the British heart (London).

Student Accommodations

It is obvious to feel homesick while away from home. But, what if your student accommodation is no different than home? London is known for the best accommodations an international student can get while studying abroad.

There are several categories of student accommodations in London. There are university halls, private housing, student lodgings, independent housing, and PBSAs(Purpose Built Student Accommodations).

University halls are mostly on-campus accommodations. They are quite cheap with basic amenities. Here, PBSAs can be the best option for more comfortable student accommodations. These PBSAs and private housings can provide different options like a 1-bedroom apartment or 3- bedroom student accommodations in London.

PBSAs can offer amenities like gyms, TV lounge, gaming area, social spaces, and even bike storage facilities. They can be affordable, but you need to have the right guidance. Every year there are several international students to enroll in universities across London, thus, finding the right student accommodation can be difficult.

You can opt for student accommodation services from OCXEE as well. OCXEE provides guidance, accommodations, documentation support, and everything from landing on the airport to settling down in your student accommodation.

Some of the affordable student accommodation areas in London are Kingston, Spitalfields, Wembley, Greenwich, and others.

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The Famous London Tube

London has one of the largest underground metro networks. We were discussing the cost of living in London for international students earlier. Apart from the accommodations in London, international students must factor in the expense of transportation, academic fees, and leisure activity costs. 

A tube pass can help you reduce transportation costs. According to a survey by Statista for 2018/19, London saw underground tubes conduct more than 119 million journeys. It is a vast network of metro trains running around London. You can get a tube from almost anywhere in London. Some students even seek accommodations that are close to a tube station.

The City of Arts and History

London is home to many art galleries and museums. There are more than 200 museums in London. Science Museum and the Natural History Museum may attract many science students. For history nerds, there is the Museum of London, and you can even visit the British Museum for a view of Rosetta stone.
If you are an art lover than the Tate Museum is one place not to miss out. You can even get a glimpse of the famous Von Gogh works at the National Art Gallery. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of artwork in London.
The best part of London museums – they are all free. So, you don’t need to spend on museum tickets.

The Traveler’s Paradise

Have you ever heard of Waterloo station? It is the centre for getting trains across Europe. As a student, London is not
just about academics, and there is a sense of exploration. You want to go out into different destinations and explore the unknown. London is that platform from where exploring Europe becomes easy.


A decision to study abroad and that too in the UK is not easy for an international student. But, London does make up for this brave decision. It is not just about glamour and glitter that most cities offer without substance. London has that diversity in culture for international students. So, students can blend into the culture smoothly.
Students that want some passive income can even get job opportunities in London. So, managing the cost of accommodation in London is not that hard for international students. Don’t waste time and choose the city of your dreams for the next level of your career!

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