Your Complete Guide To Sim Card Assistance In Leeds

Staying connected is the most important part of a student’s life. 

Although there are, plethoras of operators providing Sim Card assistance in Leeds claiming to give you the best network coverage make sure you choose what is best as per your requirement. 

When you know that the destination you are opting to study abroad has a good connection with your home network, it makes it easier for you to take the decision. 

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Do not fall into the trap of unnecessary services offered by Sim Card providers because you shall only need a good internet network and high speed along with great coverage. 

Another great piece of advice for Sim Card assistance in Leeds is to consider not opting for the post-paid plans as a student.

They give you credit in the beginning and later you have to pay a huge amount for their services in the end. In addition, if you do not like the network there are too many formalities to surrender. 

Make sure to keep your ID card and all necessary information regarding the procurement of a Sim Card at a convenient place.  

This will save your time and unnecessary hassles related to buying a Sim card.

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When you are connected to your loved ones back home, it makes it easier for you to concentrate on your studies. 

Below mentioned are the best Sim Card operators in Leeds with their network coverage in the UK, this Sim Card assistance in Leeds will help you to finalize a Sim Card in no time.

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A good prepaid connection with a wide range of network coverage is more than sufficient for a student planning to study abroad. 

In this article, you will get to know about different data plans with respect to Sim Card assistance in Leeds that will help you to see the cost at the end of the year.

Remember communication is as important as Internet browsing in today’s world, it has become one of the most important features to have in the phone. 

You will require a good internet connection for your projects in the institute, for traveling from one place to another, and for calling.

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If you think, you need enough data you can go for a Wi-Fi connection it will cost you less compared to what you shall be paying for mobile data. 

Ask the locals about the best Wi-Fi connection available, if you think the cost is high, ask your roommates to split the bill. This way you will pay a reduced amount for a good service. 

There are many Sim card providers in Leeds that offer free Wi-Fi connection along with their Sim Card. 

Below are the 4G coverage results (%) for each area included in the report: 

Place EE% O2% Vodafone% Three% 
Belfast 98 94 91 75 
Birmingham 98 89 89 76 
Bristol 93 68 68 56 
Cardiff 86 60 60 43 
Coventry 96 87 87 67 
Edinburgh 89 88 86 54 
Glasgow 89 77 77 58 
Leeds 90 82 80 61 
Bradford 90 82 80 61 
Leicester 95 83 82 63 
Liverpool 99 94 92 80 
London 90 77 76 65 
Manchester 99 94 92 81 
Nottingham 95 81 80 72 
Sheffield 96 86 85 71 

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Sim Card assistance in Leeds compiled

Network Coverage 
Network 4G Coverage 5G Coverage 
EE 99% 112 towns and cities 
Three 99.8% 68 towns and cities 
O2 99% 108 towns and cities 
Vodafone 99% 57 towns and cities 
Network speed 
Network 4G download speeds (Mbps) 4G latency (ms) 
EE Approx 36.4 Approx  36 
Three Approx  22.2 Approx  48 
Vodafone Approx  22.4 Approx 39 
O2 Approx  18.2 Approx  38 

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5G Network Speeds 
EE Three Vodafone O2 
Average 5G speed of 148 Mbps  – Average 5G speed of 122 Mbps  Average 5G speed of 160 Mbps 
Median 5G speed of 138 Mbps  Median 5G speed of 134 Mbps  Median 5G speed of 181 Mbps  Median 5G speed of 121 Mbps  
Max 5G speed of 388 Mbps  Max 5G speed of 464 Mbps  Max 5G speed of 402 Mbps  Max 5G speed of 146 Mbps  

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Networks Maximum Data Allowances 
Network Max data Roaming 
Three Unlimited 20 GB 
Vodafone Unlimited 25 GB 
O2 Unlimited 25 GB 
EE Unlimited 50 GB 
Networks Roaming Destinations 
Network Free-roaming regions on all plans Free-roaming regions on select plans 
EE 48 53 
Three 71 71 
Vodafone 51 81 
O2 48 75 

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Network Tethering Allowances 
Network Pay Monthly SIM Only Pay As You Go 
Three Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
Vodafone Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 
O2 650 GB 650 GB 100 GB 
EE 600 GB 600 GB 100 GB 

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