Your Student accommodation in Aberdeen search ends here

Student accommodation in Aberdeen search ends here

Student accommodation in Aberdeen search ends here

If you are a student and worried about your stay in a foreign land, look no further, we are here to help you with your Student accommodation in Aberdeen search.

We also take care of everything from your stay to acquiring groceries in Aberdeen.

Let us start by preparing a checklist of things, to be taken care of once you leave your home to landing in a foreign country.

Student accommodation in Aberdeen search

It is not as complicated, as it sounds. A well-planned and carefully executed research will not only save you time but also money. We here at Ocxee do the same. Let us start with


Student Accommodation

One of the major concerns for a student, planning to study abroad is accommodation. If this is taken care of, Well!!! it’s half battle won. We are here to help you find a Student accommodation in Aberdeen.

Also known as the “The Granite City’ Aberdeen is famous for its locally quarried granite stone, they were used in London’s Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Waterloo Bridge and the Thames Embankment.

Make sure to choose a place that is close to your University. You can opt for anything ranging from Studio rooms, apartments, private rooms, en-suite for your stay.

It goes without saying that each type of accommodation has a different budget attached to it, go for the one that suits your requirement.

Before finalising any Student accommodation in Aberdeen, look for the available amenities in and around like Furniture, Internet, TV and a great place to eat and relax.

Our Recommendation: Go to local markets for your regular purchases and try International Market for the taste of Aberdeen’s favourite.


It becomes easy to move in Aberdeen student accommodation because of the convenient availability of Public transport here. As a student, you should hook on to public buses or cycling to commute because they save money and are reliable too.

There are more than 30 bus routes in Aberdeen, most of which begin on the outskirts and run through the city centre before travelling to other suburbs.

The regularity of these buses varies between routes.

For long distance travelling, opt for the local trains. They are the best.

Our Recommendation: Hire a bike, enjoy the scenic beauty and simultaneously contribute towards a healthy environment. If confused about how to spend time. Do visit our blog on Best things to do in UK in winter

It is everything else except Accommodation and transportation.

 It caters to Sim Cards, Phones, Shopping, Laundry, Gym, buying groceries, Restaurant and everything you need to survive in a foreign land.

 Make sure that you have an experienced help from someone. Ocxee will help you reduce the hassle of finding a great Aberdeen student accommodation and you only get to finalise from the best.

Also, learn the cost of living for students in Aberdeen

See you on the other side of the road!!!!

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